Monday, March 2, 2015

Day 1972 - Surgery Day

Time for child number three to "go under".

Our young man heads to hospital today to get his adenoids and tonsils removed. Hopefully this will be the last of our kids requiring surgery for a long time!  It started with Tahlia's Nuss Bar surgery in Sydney last year, then two lots of sarcoma surgery for Chelsea in Queensland to remove a mammoth tumor, and now we're getting ready to leave the house for Darby's procedure.  Twelve months and all three kids going under the knife.  Or is it scissors?  Compared to the other kids I suppose Darby's is quite straight forward.  However surgery is surgery ... and he's never had to do this before. So as you can imagine he's feeling a big tentative about it.  As am I ....

I'm looking forward to signing off on all things surgical. Let's hope this is the last one! 

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