Friday, March 6, 2015

Day 1976 - Walking the dog

Say hello to Binny

Binny is hanging out at Hotel Langdown for a couple of weeks while the folks trek around China.  That means I get to walk the dog.  Let's just say "walk" is probably not the key word here. It's less walk and more sniff and piddle.  I get to "sniff and piddle" the dog.

He's old you see ... he's around 112 in the whole human/dog year conversion (if you just do the x 7 thing).  He enjoys his walks but there won't be any 5km walk around the lake.  It's just a bit of a sniff and piddle jaunt to stretch the legs and get some fresh air to feel human doggie.

Hello Binny! So nice to see you. 

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  1. He is just gorgeous. Love a good sniff and piddle walk.


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