Sunday, March 8, 2015

Day 1978 - The Black Opal

Canberra's Premier Race Day

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Today is Black Opal day.  That probably means nothing to those of you who don't live in the ACT, but it's kind of a big deal here in Canberraville.  And since we've become members of the race course (thanks to hubby and his Melbourne Cup Day splurge), we've decided to attend as many big days as possible to get our monies worth.

As usual I'm aiming to dress big for less.  I wasn't going to buy anything new but at the last minute I raced to the stores to find something to revamp the old that was already hanging in my wardrobe.  It had to be something that would match my black and white fascinator (given Tahlia put dibs on the plain black one I was originally going to wear).

I walked the shops in a bit of a shopping funk feeling really uninspired.

Then I happened upon a black and white camisole type top and thought "PANTS". I don't have to frock up do I?  I could totally wear pants to the Black Opal.  That way I don't have to shave my legs.

Then I found the black and yellow necklace.   Just the pop of colour I need! It'll match my yellow Sash & Belle handbag perfectly.

My Deep Fried Black Opal ensemble
So here's the low down:

  • Dress pants from Target (around $40 - already in wardrobe)
  • Black and white top from Valley Girl ($15)
  • Fascinator from Equip (on sale the day after Melbourne Cup last year)
  • Yellow clutch bag from Sash & Belle (previous season, now out of stock)
  • Yellow and black necklace from Valley Girl ($13)
  • Black sunglasses from Valley Girl ($15 - coz my normal sunnies broke last week)
  • Black strappy heels 16 years old from back of wardrobe
  • Footcare gel insoles for fabulous feeling feet
  • Sportsgirl chunky yellow bangle from back of drawer
  • Miglio bracelet
  • Black and silver flower ring from Naieve in Bateman's Bay 
  •  Dilkara Essence of Australia sleek Euroa shampoo and Eleebana conditioner, with Badu shower gel and Akuna detangling spray. 

With Darby still recovering from his tonsil and adenoid surgery and not up to going out, our Black Opal day will be spent tag teaming as one parent stays home and the other hangs at the races, then the other goes home and gives the other some time with the ponies. Our poor boy. It's really knocked him around. Luckily we live only 5 minutes away!

Tahlia gets to stay the entire time which is good for her because she looks AMAZING! And ridiculously tall ...

She's right to have stolen the black fascinator.  And I am happy with my black and white ...

She looks a million bucks! I look at least 100 (bucks ...).

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  1. Your outfit looks fabulous I love the pops of yellow against the black and white. Very on trend!


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