Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Day 1981 - Wordless Wednesday

Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve

I've never been to Tidbinbilla despite the fact that it's kind of a big tourist attraction here in Canberra-ville. So given Monday was a public holiday (Canberra Day) we'd organised for an extended family picnic and a bush walk.  Unfortunately Darby ended up back in hospital so I didn't get to go, but I sent Derek and Tahlia along to hang with the rest of the crew and to take some pictures.  My almost-Wordless Wednesday comes to you from Tidbinbilla which is on the fringes of the Namadgi National Park.

Photos courtesy of the Husb. 


  1. We are making more of an effort to explore our backyard this year!!
    Looks like a great place to visit and get some awesome pictures!!
    I hope the patient recovers quickly!!

  2. Your hubby did a great job on the photo taking! I had never heard of Tidbinbilla (what a mouthful!) but it looks very pretty indeed! I do hope Darby is improving now! xo

  3. I love getting the fam bam out amongst the outdoors. Shame you had to miss it! Looks like it could be a regular hang out though x

  4. Lovely photos. I still jump every time I see one of those lizards. The kids think I'm nuts x

  5. I scrolled quickly past the skink and the other reptilians..I may be an Aussie gal but I cannot abide the scenery!! Good idea visiting our own in such great surrounds... Denyse

  6. Amazing variety of wildlife and some great photos!

  7. The lizard pic is stunning - though I'd be hoping it was a zoom lens.

    Thanks for linking up to WW.


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