Friday, March 13, 2015

Day 1983 - The Cheer Chicks

When things come full circle

The Cheer Chick celebration in Cheerville last night.
I am finding more and more that my Cheer Chick Charlie journey has a habit of coming full circle. It happened a few years back with our foray into the USA and it's happened again this week when gifting the Cheer Chicks.

A quick summary:

  • My daughter wanted to be a cheerleader
  • We created a cheer squad
  • My daughter's dream inspired my Cheer Chick Charlie children's book series
  • We wanted to help children get fit, learn to dance and be cheerleaders at home 
  • We created the "Cheer Chick" videos as part of the Cheer Chick Charlie brand
  • My daughter is now pursing her new dream of being a model
  • She is the face of new Aussie handbag label Sash & Belle
  • The Cheer Chicks do lots for my brand so I wanted to thank them and their families
  • We had a celebration last night where I gave them each a Sash and Belle handbag
  • As the face of the brand, my daughter is on the label of each of those handbags.
  • One dream leading into another dream and coming back to feed the first dream
  • Full circle
Sometimes when you think that something is heading in a different direction you realise you were on the same path all along.  

Full circle. 


  1. That's awesome. This story reminds me of the saying "from little acorns, oak trees grow." First the cheerleaders, then the books, now the modelling and the bags. I can't wait to see what you lovely ladies are going to do next!

  2. Life has a funny way of doing that! Great story x


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