Sunday, March 15, 2015

Day 1985 - 104.7 Skyfire 2015

Cheer Chick Charlie at Skyfire!

Skyfire is a pretty big deal here in the ACT.  For 27 years the 104.7 radio station has put on a fireworks show as part of the Canberra festival celebrations. Thousands and thousands of people find a patch of ground around Lake Burley Griffin to watch this show that lets off around 2000 crackers over approximately 15-20 minutes. It's all synchronised to music which is simultaneously played on the radio.

Hours worth of free entertainment is provided in the lead up to the 8.30pm display including bands, aerial displays, the Scotty and Nige radio show, and this year (in recognition of 100 years since Gallipoli) we stood and paid our respects during the Last Post.

I remember being at the very first Skyfire event back in 1989.  It was my second year of university and a bunch of us hid bladders of cask wine inside our coats and took the bus to Regatta Point.  As usually happened at university events I drank too much and got way too loud.  But I do remember feeling like I was part of something kind of special that night.  It felt like the start of something.

Who would have known that 27 years later I'd be there, not just as a spectator but as part of the "entertainment".  That I would have a children's book character that would come to life and walk through the crowds handing out motivational wristbands to children.  That she'd be in the company of such well known faces like Ronald McDonald and the maccas crew, plus the cheerleaders from the Canberra Raiders football team.  That she'd be mingling with crowds as they danced to Masketta Fall and Yolanda be Cool. My Charlie! My Charlie was at Skyfire ....

The Cheer Chicks with some of the McDonalds Crew (hello Hamburgler) 

Charlie with the Emeralds (the Canberra Raiders cheerleaders)

Charlie, the Cheer Chicks and me.

Charlie getting to meet lots of new fans

So many new friends to welcome to Cheerville

There were big kids as well as little kids

There were plenty of hugs to go around
It was a fantastic night and we met so many beautiful children and their families.  The Canberra Times has estimated there were 100,000 people at the event.  Fantastic.

It was a definite highlight.  Last night was a big shiny win for the Cheer Chick Charlie brand which added all new sparkle to 2015.

Between that and the Canberra Show we've definitely started the year with a bang.

Thanks so much for having us 104.7!  

Thanks for embracing us Canberra. 

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