Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Day 1987 - Lady Tradie

So today I have my boots on.  

These boots were made for walking working

That means I am ready for some serious work.  It's time to put the retaining wall in around the concrete slab so we can get our hot tub into position.  Of course I ain't really doing much of the grunt work.  I am however wearing my boots in support of the whole thing PLUS I am providing tea, and wearing army pants and making lunch. Oh, and some digging and scraping and sweeping and lifting and carrying and fetching things like jack hammers and stuff. So I am kind of being a lady tradie, Or perhaps more of a Girl Friday.  The good news is I haven't broken a nail ... yet.  (They're red to match my tee in case you were wondering.)

Dad on the jack hammer and Binny supervising

Dad contemplating, I'm getting dirt out of the "trenches" and Binny is still supervising

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  1. A cold drink and tasty lunch is exactly what a lady tradie does to keep the job moving! How exciting bet you can't wait to jump in that hot tub!!


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