Sunday, March 22, 2015

Day 1992 - Happy Sunday

After a weekend of partying it's now time to rest.

A blurry selfie
It seems Derek and I have been getting our party on! We don't do it all that often, but lately, we seem to be doing it a lot! A 40th birthday party Friday night and a band gig last night.  Include a shopping trip with my daughter yesterday morning followed by an afternoon spent at Ladies Day at the Canberra racetrack, and I can safely say I'm all "partied" out! Today we rest.  Although it will be with another celebration to be had.  Chelsea and Lola are back in town.  So that means an intimate family Sunday luncheon so we can have some cuddle time.  I see an afternoon nap in my not-to-distant future.

Happy Sunday! 

Three generations at Ladies Day

Off to see the band

My Fash n Treasure purchases

All dressed up the Friday night party

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