Friday, March 27, 2015

Day 1997 - Wholegrains

Do you eat bread?

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I have discovered that carbs like bread, potatoes and pasta don't do me any favours.  The moment I eliminate them from my diet I lose the bloated stomach, I have more energy and I get less tummy pains.

When I'm travelling the whole bread, potato and pasta count goes up dramatically because they are usually foods you can access quickly and easily.  That's all well and good (and yummy) but it doesn't take me long to look six months pregnant with my carb baby.

The thing is, when I go off these carbs, I go off them completely.  I don't switch out the white flour for wholegrains. I just eliminate them altogether.

I wonder - is this a good thing or a bad thing?

We all learned in that food pyramid at school that grains are important.  When we talked about grains back then it was always with the picture of a loaf of bread, a bowl of pasta and pile of rice.

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Should I perhaps be switching out the white bread and pasta for the wholegrain variety instead?

I recently read that if you eat wholegrains you live longer.  I figured this was meant to read "if you eat wholegrains instead of white bleached grains you'll live longer".

But no. It actually means you've got to eat the grains. Full stop.

The article suggests that by including more wholegrain foods, such as brown rice, rolled oats and wholegrain bread in your everyday diet you can lower mortality by up to 15 per cent.  Plus you lower the risk of death from heart disease in particular.  Well, that's according to researchers at Harvard's TH Chan School of Public Health.

Apparently they looked at data from more than 74,000 women and 43,000 men and found that by eating 28g wholegrain foods per day, overall mortality fell by 5 per cent and by 9 per cent for cardiovascular disease.


I don't know what to do with this information.  I like my life without bread and pasta. Food for thought ...

The bottom line is I really feel fabulous having restricted my bread, pasta and rice intake to just once or twice a fortnight. I have managed to eliminate potatoes altogether.  It's not only given me more energy, I've also lost those pesky 5 kg I've been trying to lose for years.

I am definitely feeling fit and fabulous in my 40s.

Getting rid of bread, pasta and potatoes seems to be working for me.

Or is it?

How are you with the whole grains thing?

Do you eat a lot of carbs?

Does anyone else end up pregnant with a carb baby like me?


  1. I too have these same issues. Mine is mainly fatigue as soon as I eat carbs. I have eliminated most from my diet. I still eat a burger but I don't eat the bread, pasta consist mainly of sauce. I think if you have an issue, best to exclude. Better energy levels now too. :D

  2. I read recently that glucose from carbs are essential for brain functions and this is the reason many dietitians don't support paleo and other restricted diets. It may gut be an idea to see a dietitian for advice?

  3. I gave up gluten a few years ago and couldn't believe the difference it made.

    Recently due to health tests, I needed to be back on the gluten for a good couple of months. It really didn't agree with me and I've spent the whole time suffering more than normal.

    Of course tests were inconclusive and there doesn't appear to be any major medical issue for me needing to be off gluten but the proof is in the pudding so to speak here, I'm so much better without it.

  4. I try to avoid bread as much as possible. I will have it on weekends but find on Sunday night, I feel bloated too. I exercise everyday so I don't do it for weight but I avoid it for the way I feel. The healthy pyramid is more suited to children I think.. Do you?

  5. Gosh I love carbs but I bet they are making me sluggish... (well that an having a one year old who wakes at all hours of the night). She is wheat allergic so we have been opened up to a whole new world of grains. That data is quite alarming.

  6. As you saw in my blog today, carbs are my weakness. I'm not overly fond of bread thankfully. I like rice and pasta but it's the good ole potato which has a special place in my heart.

    In the past when I've given up carbs I've lost weight quite quickly... but I never last long and then I start bingeing on carbs non-stop!


    PS. I'm coeliac so I definitely get the whole bloated thing!

  7. Good for you! I did a two week detox recently and eliminated dairy and bread, potatoes etc. I felt great and lost that bloated feeling. As soon as I started bringing both dairy and carbs back in the bloated feeling came back to haunt me. I can stay off bread no problem, but it's the potatoes that I love and the cheese :( I will never learn.

  8. I know how you feel about the bloatedness. Am trying to cut back on wheat products but haven't found a a good replacement for it as yet.

  9. I'm a big fan of carbs but I do try to eat wholegrains as much as i can. Mainly after I saw a Catalyst on how the bacteria in your gut seem to maintain a better balance with a higher fibre intake.

  10. Grains are not my friend either! But with enough fibre from veg & energy from good fats I don't think we need them :)

  11. I find carbs are such an easy go to food. Whole grains are probably better for you. Why not experiment with whole grains and see if you feel different? X

  12. I love bread but I'm the same as you. It makes me bloated and fat. I eat rye which doesn't seen to do it to me. I eat a lot of wholegrain Ryvita which certainly seems to go right through me. Sorry if that's too much information.

  13. We have switched from Rye Bread to Sourdough bread and its made a huge difference...but we haven't stopped Potatoes. Interesting that you lost weight, sure is food for thought!

  14. White rice gives me my carb baby! It's my vice!

    I think if you're happy with eliminating the carbs, stick with it. But make sure you still get your daily carb intake because carb = energy.

    Just change to good carbs (plenty in vegetables) and a lot of wholegrains can provide that - Oats, brown rice etc.


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