Monday, March 30, 2015

Day 2000 - A Celebration #DFFAlexander

Remember how they called the year 2000 the millennium?

Turns out they were wrong.  Apparently the third millennium didn't commence until 2001. Or something. There was far too much debate and it bored me.

Then there was that whole OMG-we're-gonna-get-the-Y2K-bug and all that.

All I remember about the year 2000 was that I was a mum for the first time with a baby Tahlia in my arms and later in the year we were all super excited about the Sydney Olympics.  And I think we may have gotten Foxtel at our house that year.  And played Crash Bandicoot on the Play Station. All very serious life defining stuff.  

So here I am writing my Day 2000 post.

This is my Y2K B2K.

I have been writing this blog for 2000 days straight.

2000 days!!! Without stopping. Not once.

I hope I don't get a B2K bug.   That would make for a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day (segue alert).

Anyway, this whole 2000 day blogoversary can't go by without a celebration.  Plus it's the Husb's birthday so we've got double reason to celebrate.

How about a give away?

Win, Win, Win! 

You guessed it! I've teamed with Disney again for a fabulous Deep Fried celebratory treat.

That segue alert was a pretty big hint as to the prizes. 

It's time to give away FIVE DVD packs of Disney's "Alexander and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day"!!

You could win a copy of the movie, a book mark AND a kids t-shirt.

All you've got to do is tell me, have you ever had a horrible day where nothing went right?   Here's your chance to get it off your chest, cleanse and move on!  Tell your troubles to Aunty Leanne.

You can enter via Deep Fried comment, Deep Fried Facebook, Deep Fried Twitter (#DFFAlexander), email or text.  Competition open to Aussie residents only and competition closes Tuesday 7 April at midnight.  Please leave enough details so that I can track you down.  Winners should get their packs soon after the official 15 April release.

Happy millennium milestone to me. 

Happy birthday to the Husb.

And happy "Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" to you! 

Movie review and all the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad deets tomorrow.


  1. Congratulations all round!!

    I had just such a day today. Someone missed out on an opportunity & then turned around and said that I "owed" them. They were really nasty about it. I was most upset.


  2. I can not believe you have blogged for 2000 days straight. That is absolutely amazing. How do you come up with something to write about everyday. Well done to you!

  3. What an awesome effort! Congratulations :)

  4. Oh yes! Yesterday! I woke up with a headcold that was significantly worse, so had to cancel my physio appointment lest I breathe on her and infect her. So the back pain relief I'd been looking forward to was cancelled. Then I broke the washing machine trying to was a single blanket- it clunked across the floor and declined to do any more spinning and just beeped at me no matter what I did. Soon after, the landlord and plumber arrived to diagnose a pipe problem- before long, my driveway was flooded with sewerage- chunks and all *gags* and the landlord decided a certain (lovely, established, gorgeous) poinsettia tree was the problem, so he chainsawed it down while the plumber found the actual problem of a collapsed pipe 500m away from the tree! It was NOT my day!

  5. And congrats on the big 2000!!

  6. Sunday, yesterday & today!
    On Sunday I was playing volleyball with the kids (one of whom incidentally is called Alexander), when the ball bent back my little finger and I heard a crack! Not a good sign. After a sleepless night due to a sore finger I went to the dr yesterday who said yes you've fractured it but go have an x-ray to confirm it. I had the x-ray which was normal but my pain and inability to straighten my finger remained. Now the dr says its probably a torn tendon and I need to get an ultrasound and yes, it still HURTS!
    PS Sorry for the "pity me whinge" but it has helped me feel slightly better :)

  7. Wow 2000 days, very impressive!!

    Happy blogoversary to you & happy birthday to the hub.

    You must have a kick arse editorial calendar to keep you on track!!

  8. Am not entering the comp but wanted to wish you a happy 2000th blog post!


  9. That is an amazing achievement Leanne - Happy 2000 day Blogaversary (did I spell that right!).

  10. OMG, 2000 days of consecutive blogging. That is amazing, considering I am quivering at the thought of embarking on an April blogathon. 26 days (A-Z) doesn't seem quite so daunting now, lol. Congrats Leanne!

  11. Seriously you should have some kind of award. 2000 days is amazing!
    As for a really bad day, I can't think of anything. But I did smash my iPhone screen today, and I've hurt my elbow somehow. So I'm feeling a little sad and sorry for myself. :(

  12. What an amazing effort, keep up the awesome work

  13. Ohh I want this movie because I haven't seen it and I reckon I could relate or at least get some comfort from the movie! The worst day I had as a plumber was getting covered in sewerage and my pants splitting at the crotch when I bent down to turn off a water meter. As a mum it would have to be back to back poo explosions and trying to deal with one mess after another. Great comp and congratulations on writing 2000 posts! X

  14. That has to be a record?? Consecutive blogging like that. Well done - and happy birthday to hubby! Love your work x

  15. Congratulations-2000 posts. How amazing are you? Great giveaway x

  16. Wooooohoooo!!! Congratulations, lovely! What an amazing achievement!

    My horrible day was the other day. I hit 8 clients, not a single bite. Was even grilled by one. To top it off I put a scratch on our new car! Didn't even take me a week! AAAARRGH! Oh well, at least no one was hurt.

  17. Wow 2000 posts, that's amazing! Congratulations on the achievement.


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