Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day 2001 - Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Looking for a fun family movie to watch these school holidays?

Then look no further! Disney releases the DVD and Blu-Ray of Alexander and the  Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day on 15 April, and the Digital version is released on 1 April.  Exciting!

When this movie came out in the theatres late last year my boy was super excited about it.  As the ads started rolling through on TV he was hounding us to head to the movies as a family.  So we watched it over the Christmas holidays while we were at the coast.

It was just as we'd hoped it would be.  Full of laughs, challenges, embarrassment, faux pas and the all important winning attitude and victory in the end.

The movie follows 11-year-old Alexander as he experiences the most terrible and horrible day of his young life.  He never gets any sympathy from his family because they are always so "up". They just don't have bad days.  He's the only one that ever experiences this stuff and he feels very much alone.

So on the eve of his 12th birthday he wishes that his family can experience a horrible day just like he has.

From the moment he wakes up that morning he watches as his family goes through one challenge after another after another after another.

The challenges for his family get bigger as the day progresses while he personally finds himself having the best day ever.

In true Disney style there's always a moral to the story and for Alexander he realises that he's not the only person to experience adversity.  He learns that it's all about perception and the ability to turn negatives into positives if you truly want to have a happy life.

It really is a fun movie made even better with an all star cast including Steve Carell, Jennifer Garner and our very own little Aussie 13-year-old Ed Oxenbould who plays Alexander.  Ed isn't the only Aussie in the mix with a few of our furry friends making an appearance as well as some fully clothed members of "The Thunder from Down Under".  Hilarious!

As far as fun family Disney movies go, I'd give this 4 pieces of Deep Fried Fruit out of 5.

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day is rated PG and runs for one hour and 20 minutes.


In celebration of the release of this movie on DVD and Blu Ray, and in celebration of the Deep Fried milestone of 2000 days of continuous blogging, we're offering you the chance to WIN one of FIVE Alexander gift packs.

You could win a copy of the movie, a book mark AND a kids t-shirt.

All you've got to do is tell me, have you ever had a horrible day where nothing went right?   Here's your chance to get it off your chest, cleanse and move on!  Tell your troubles to Aunty Leanne.

You can enter via Deep Fried comment, Deep Fried FacebookDeep Fried Twitter(#DFFAlexander), email or text.  Competition open to Aussie residents only and competition closes Tuesday 7 April at midnight.  Please leave enough details so that I can track you down.  Winners should get their packs soon after the official 15 April release. 

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  1. Oh No , my horrible day is I missed this giveaway and missed seeing it at the cinema with my gremlins.


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