Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Day 2002 - A Quick Model Update

When was the last time I updated you on Tahlia's modelling career?

Snip off the Five Twenty Model Management Instagram page
I've probably dropped the ball on that one given she's now got her own social media platform (including her own blog).  So today on this almost-Wordless-Wednesday I'll take off my blogger hat and put my Mumager hat on and share some of her latest modelling pics.

Tahlia's official profile pic on the Five Twenty website

Shoot with Sydney based fashion blogger "Your Only Black Swan"
Photographer Lauren Hernandez

Shoot for fashion designer Sascha Ebony at Tamarama Beach
Photographer Ian Koker
Shoot with fashion photographer Shae Waite from Estella Artistry

Shoot for MJenn Photography

Shoot with Kerry Sleeman Photography wearing Pippi's Boutique clothing Bateman's Bay

Sneak peek at photos taken on the weekend for the Autumn/Winter 2015 range of Sash & Belle Handbags

Right now Tahlia continues to balance year 10 studies with a few weekends here and there travelling between Sydney and Canberra. It's all pretty low key, while at the same time it's kinda not.  Her agent is currently "developing" her for international work.  She's having fun.  That's the main thing.

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  1. Oh Tahlia is gorgeous! Modelling is an exciting world to be in - says short-assed me who was and never will be a model haha! My husband's cousin's daughter was just like your daughter through school and is now in her 20's and an international model. Her name is Avril. Beautiful photo's. I love the updates on your daughter's modelling career. :-)

  2. She is so beautiful! Wonderful that you are behind her and so encouraging. All the very best for her career years ahead to her. X

  3. Stunning photos! How exciting for your daughter to have an international career to look forward to!

  4. What a buzz it must be for both of you - she's a beauty alright, just like her mum!

  5. Gorgeous pictures!! Hope she continues to enjoy it! :)

  6. Love hearing about Tahlia's career here too!!!!

    SSG xxx


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