Friday, April 3, 2015

Day 2004 - Eat more soup!

Soup is perfect for Autumn right?

Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup - image source
There's now scientific evidence to suggest that eating a bowl of soup before your dinner helps you to lose weight! Yep. Penn State University found that people who ate a low-kilojoule bowl of vegetable soup before their main meal consumed 20% fewer kilojoules than those who didn't. A good broth based soup can help you eat less without even noticing! BONUS!

The two favourite soups at our house are chicken and sweet corn, and pea and ham.

 The chicken and sweet corn is the easiest around and is a great way to get rid of left over BBQ chook.  Just grab some all natural liquid chicken stock, two cans of creamed corn and shred your chicken. You can add some chopped spring onion if you've got it lying around. Throw it all in together and heat it up! So simple. So quick. So family friendly.

Do you eat soup?

What's your favourite broth? 

Would love some soupy inspo. 


  1. Once the cooler weather hits - my soup making commences! We love homemade soups in our family and I have heaps of fabulous recipes! :-)

  2. Yes, my soup making had already begun. I made chicken soup this week with a BBQ chook too.

  3. Mmm yes I love soup!! I make a yummy sweet potato soup with coconut milk.. sounds weird but it's so good!

  4. Sweet potato with coconut milk sounds divine!!!

  5. I do! I love a good pumpkin soup and I've been making broths for ages- such a great base for veggie soup or chicken noodle or with asian dumplings!

  6. Oh I make a mean pumpkin soup with a Thai twist - lots of ginger, chilli and coriander! So much nom! But my all time favourite is my auntie's chicken soup. It's easy to make, and all you need is a chicken frame and some veggies. It's best served with lokshen (like vermicelli) and kneidlach (matzo ball dumplings.) It's soup that feed the soul :) Souper!

  7. The best thing about Autumn and Winter is soup in my opinion!!

    We love chicken and sweet corn too, and Mr McD is a big pea and ham man... I also do a spicy pumpkin soup, minestrone, lentil dahl thing, and a good old traditional chicken and veg. Yum!!

  8. Man, I love corn soup. It's always on high rotation in our house x

  9. This is the best weather for soup! I love chicken and sweet corn. I think I'll be making some this week.


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