Sunday, April 5, 2015

Day 2006 - Easter Sunday

Happy Easter!
An Easter Egg hunt
I've got to be honest.  I'm being a very lazy blogger right now. There is no how to be fit and fabulous going on. Nor is there any health and beauty. Nor any tips n tricks on how to be positive or observations of the aging.  Right now I am just keeping it simple and giving you teeny tiny glimpses into my life.

Why? Because it's all I can conjur up right now.  I've gone off the grid for a bit and can't be bothered thinking beyond what's in front of me. 

What's in front of me today is a whole bunch of chocolate, a shitload of sand and a few salty waves.  We're at the coast and while I'd like to be spending some time in church honouring my Catholic heritage with a few prayers and some Godly acknowledgements, my husband's family don't do that so I'm conforming to their Easter ways and keeping my spiritual journey to myself.

Once again I am choosing the church of life. 

Happy Easter! A time for family, gratitude, reflection, acknowledgement and chocolate! Oh, and brand new winter PJs which is our Easter gift of choice. 

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