Thursday, April 9, 2015

Day 2010 - When the writing stops

Book seven is now on it's way to my editor.

I've been holed up at Mum and Dad's for the past two days writing the next installment in the Cheer Chick Charlie series.

When I arrived here on Tuesday morning I only had a vague idea as to where the story was headed.

I knew there would be camping, but that was about it. I didn't know at that point who would be going, what adventures would be had or what challenges Charlie would face.  As often happens with my writing, I was going in blind.

As I sat in front of the computer screen and started to type, my inner Charlie did what she always does and wrote the story for me.

It's hard to explain how this happens.  Somehow I just start to type the first few sentences and then Charlie takes over. I become that ten year old child.

When I go into book writing mode I know two things.  The setting and the underlying motivational message.  I also have a vague idea as to how Charlie is going to be feeling in the story and what she hopes to achieve by the end.  But as for who she'll meet, what she'll be doing and how she'll achieve results, I'm clueless.

There are points in the writing process where I start taking notes.  I can't type fast enough as the story spills out so I have to have a pen and paper and create a story map to capture the ideas and all the linkages.  I need to plan what components of the story will sit in which chapter. If I didn't do that the book would end up the length of War and Peace.  There is some control.  Charlie doesn't take over completely.

But as I typed the final sentence last night I was as surprised as any of my readers will be as to the story's plot, twists, connections and overall direction.

You know when you've read a good book and you get really attached to the characters, how it's hard to let go at the end when you close the back cover? When I finish writing a book the same thing happens.  I find it hard to shut down afterwards.

As tired as I was last night I couldn't let go of Charlie.  For two days she's been living inside me, taking over my thoughts and breathing life into my creativity.

Today I've got to head back to normality which includes seeing a client, doing mum duties, household management and administrative desk things.

"Cheer Chick Charlie: Above and Beyond" is now on its way to my editor and somehow I have to shake free of my little ten year old friend and be a grown up again.

Luckily for me I know she'll be back.


  1. Congratulations Leanne! How every exciting for you. Gosh, I got drawn into the book by just reading this blog post. :) x

  2. It always interests me to hear about the creative process- glad you have the next one on the way!

  3. Well done - two days. Go you and your inner Charlie.

  4. Wow! Well done. I am so impressed that you not only finished a book, but a blog post too! All the very best with it! X

  5. Wow! How clever are you? A book and a blog! I love how you can embody a character to write the story!

  6. I love your writing process, it sounds so intense! Well done & congrats on finishing another one :)

  7. I also love to hear about the process behind someone's writing.

    Congrats on finishing!!!

  8. Well done Leanne. Glad you got it out.
    I haven't touched my book for a while, and it's weird but I miss the main character. I really do. It's like I haven't caught up with a girlfriend for a while. Funny how our creations take us over.

  9. Awesome work, I read your post earlier in the week where you were starting out. Congrats.. and don't go back to growing up... stay young..

  10. So insightful to read about how you delve into your "inner Charlie"! Love it!
    I'm sure the editor will too! x

  11. Gosh I'm in awe of how you can just smash it out in one hit - GO YOU! xx


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