Sunday, April 12, 2015

Day 2013 - Ricardo's Cafe Jamison #Canberra

A touch of Canberra.

Ricardo's - You can sit inside or outside which is lucky because there were enough customers to fill both areas.
Back in February I happened upon Ricardo's Cafe in the Jamison/Macquarie area of the ACT.  I was having a lunch time meeting in the area so we decided we'd just pop into Jamison Plaza to see what was available. I was shocked to see just how big this cafe was and more to the point, how crowded it was! We had to line up at the door.

So who is Ricardo and why does everyone flock to his cafe?

It turns out this place has been here for around eight years and is well know for its High Tea.  I can see why. You should have seen the cakes, pastries and macaroons on display!  

Oh look at that, you can see them because I took photos.  Lucky you. Is your mouth watering yet?  

As I write this post on an empty stomach I can feel my innards turning inside out with anticipation.  I apologise now to anyone who is on a diet and whose resolve is now being seriously compromised.  BUT LOOK AT THIS FOOD!!! It's all just so pretty ...

Can you believe I didn't touch any of that stuff when I was there?  I know right.  Sacrilege.  But in my defense I was (am) on a healthy eating plan and I was being super strong.

So despite all the fantastic lunch time menu options and all that wondrous desserts I decided to stick with a salad.  

I wasn't disappointed. This was no ordinary salad. It too was a taste sensation.  I can't remember what it was (it was two months ago) but my taste buds were dancing afterwards and I left Ricardo's feeling very satisfied.  

Ricardo's is tucked away in a back corner of the Jamison Plaza in Bowman Street, Macquarie, ACT.  Its open for breakfast, lunch and high tea.  

You can check out their website for pictures of their menu. Warning! Do not enter this website unless you intend on going on an eating frenzy.  Their gallery page will have your mouth watering in a nano-second. 

Happy Sunday everyone! 

I hope there is a macaroon in your near future.

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