Monday, April 13, 2015

Day 2014 - School Holidays

School holidays have begun in our house.

So it's Monday and day one of the school holidays.  It's something I have to get my head around when each school holiday period comes around.

Just because the kids don't have their routine for the next two weeks doesn't mean I don't! When you work from home, their lack of routine and my need for routine can cause me a conniption or two.

Just having them lying around without the morning regiment can labour my breathing.  (Breathe Leanne. In through the nose and out through the mouth.)

I need the house to be tidied and the beds made.  I need to know there is order and a plan, not this laying about in their own filth thing going on.

Yeah, I'm a bit OCD like that.

But in fairness to them it is the school holidays and they do actually have plans.

Darby is off to soccer camp four mornings this week, then he has a few "play dates" organised for the afternoons.  Although they're all taking place here under my roof which wasn't the best work-from-home plan.  (In through the nose, out through the mouth.)

Tahlia has created a school assignment schedule for every morning this week with a few afternoon outings planned. That's all great stuff.  She'll need a taxi driver.  (In through the nose, out through the mouth.)

The Husb has decided that most of the guys in his office won't be around so he might work from home a lot too this week. He enjoys the school holidays. (In through the nose, out through the mouth.)

Then we're all off to Noosa next week for our annual pilgrimage in search of the fading sun. (No need for an oxygen tank with this one.)

So there is a plan.

It's just a different plan.

One that means I don't have to make the school lunches!

Oh look, my breathing magically got back to normal.

It's all good.

Do you have a school holiday plan?


  1. We start each and every school holiday with a massive spring clean. We pull everything out of their wardrobes, drawers and backpacks.

    It takes all day but it means clothes that no longer fit are thrown and we start the school holidays on the right foot. It means it's just a matter of making beds and attending to the daily scatter for the rest of the holidays and I can enjoy the lack of routine.

  2. My planner was the perfect fit for me. She thought of every detail I could imagine. She works hard for you and will really make you feel special. The event planner is a joy to work with and she even found my Cartier ring when I left it at the venue on my wedding day!


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