Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Day 2016 - Deep Fried Styling #OOTD

Same ... but different

As you know I don't spend a lot of money on clothes.  I don't feel I can with minimal income and a lot of output as I set up for global domination (insert winky face here). So here is my brand new autumn wardrobe bought for next to nothing.  It's all same, same ... but different.

I've read magazines and seen TV shows where well renowned stylists and fashion designers don't go into the whole "wearing something new each day" thing, Each season they choose a signature uniform and stick with it.  That way their design and styling inspo is reserved for where it's needed - in their professional creative zone.

Karl Largerfield - Image Source

Michael Kors - Image Source

Vera Wang - Image Source

Now, I'm not a designer nor a stylist. Hell, I'm not even a fashion blogger. But I am someone who likes to look neat and tidy and well put together.  I am also someone who (although I work from home) likes to get dressed for my work day as if I am heading off to some place that gives a shit about my appearance.  And I like to do it all with little cost and maximum impact.

So if those big fashion designer peeps can create a seasonal uniform, so can I!

My autumn uniform consists of some funky fitted pants with loads of pockets, a bunch of long sleeved tees, some big ol' kick arse boots and a bunch of scarves.

Here's the low down (for what it's worth): 

  • Long sleeved t-shirts in different colours for $8 each at KMart.
  • Skinny cargo style jeans from Rockmans for $49.
  • KMart scarf to add to my collection for $7.
  • My boots from last year.
  • A proud smile, some coral lipstick and a "let's go and kick some autumn arse" attitude.  

Happy Wednesday! 

Hope you're kicking some autumn arse. 


  1. You look awesome! Love every piece! You'd never know they were bought at bargain prices. Love the look! :-)

  2. Looking fabulous. Those tops were a bargain buy.

    I think due to weight gain with my new meds and not wanting to spend money on new clothing, I've pretty much been doing the same thing.

    Who knew I was on trend.

  3. I love keeping things simple with classic basics and then jazzing them up with accessories, like your awesome scarf!!! How good is it when you find a great scarf!?

  4. Oh they look good for Kmart tees! I need some new long sleeved shirts. Mine from last year are looking a little sad.

  5. Love this!. I found your blog through Agent Mystery Case. I host a link up every Wednesday (now live) so stop by if you get a chance :)


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