Thursday, April 16, 2015

Day 2017 - EVO Product Review

Evo ... saving ordinary humans from themselves.

I get sent tonnes of shampoo to trial on my Deep Fried hair.  The thing with aging is, your hair has been with you for a bloody long time.  It's also probably been dyed, blow dried, straightened and curled for longer than you've known your spouse and your kids.  So your hair is one of your long haul friends. It needs to be nurtured.

The first thing that attracted me to evo is the size of the bottles.  They are short and square which makes them perfect for travelling, They are coming with me to Noosa next week.

The second thing that attracted me to evo was how plain the bottles are. No pictures, no fancy logos.  Just a white bottle with a bit of writing.  At first I thought this looked a bit clinical and wondered if this was some sort of medicated hair care item for the Deeper Fried folk.  But then I noticed they don't believe in capital letters and I figured the Deeper Fried folk wouldn't stand for such insolence*. They're not old and clinical, they're just being all monochrome and on trend.

The third thing was their very cheeky and oh so humorous spiels.

Ritual Salvation Shampoo:
your hair is your friend, treat it right and you'll be on your way to mastering your destiny and becoming that person you always dreamed of being ...

Ritual Salvation Conditioner:
... your hair is like a lover, ignore it and it will run off, shag your best friend and be sewing alfalfa sprouts into your new leather couch before you've had time to take your house key back.

BOOM! That right there is worth having these gems in your shower. 

They smell good too. VERY important. 

But of course they've got to also be good for your hair right?  It's not all about the packaging, the smell and the clever words.

Well, I can't comment on that just yet because I haven't used them.  I've just been staring at them and promising them they'll get their moment in the sun real soon (literally).

I can tell you that the evo ritual salvation products are designed to work over time to help stressed out and damaged hair.  That the combination of their conditioning agents, proteins, vitamins and "ritual use" is intended to bring your hair back to it's youthful glory.

So I'll give it a whirl while in Noosa and report back.

Evo have got a whole bunch of products including a body and face care range.  Plus some great hairbrushes and combs. They've also got some very cool advertising and a fun looking website.

I'm not sure if you can get these products from shops but I do know you can get them online from their website as well as from sites such as and

Happy great hair Deep Fried peeps! Remember to treat it like your best friend, not an ex-lover.

*I HATE that people no longer use capitals for names and at the beginning of sentences. Hate is a strong word I know.  But seriously, it frustrates fascinates me like you would not believe. But evo, I get why you're doing it ... so I'll breathe deeply and get through this momentary episode of OCD.  

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