Saturday, April 18, 2015

Day 2019 - Jimmy Fallon

Do you watch The Tonight Show?

As an Aussie The Tonight Show is not something that would necessarily appear on my radar.  But about a month ago I started recording it on Foxtel because I was annoyed that my daily dose of free-to-air midday Ellen seemed to be all repeats.  I needed something else to make me smirk as I ate my lunch and folded my laundry in my work-from-home space.  Hello Jimmy!

No seriously.


I love this guy.  Witty, talented, charistmatic .... and it turns out he can also sing.

Check out this clip of him singing a history of duets with Kelly Clarkson.  He can sing! Not only sing ... but sing in character. What's not to love?

Again, as an Aussie, I didn't really know much about him.  However I imagine the entire US population are aware of his qualities as no doubt he has a history that made him the perfect candidate to be the new Tonight Show host.  I think Saturday Night live rings a bell? Plus there may have been a middle-of-the-night show with him as host? Dunno.

I remember seeing the The Tonight Show when it was hosted by both Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien. Meh.  It was OK I guess but I really didn't understand why it was so popular.  I definitely wouldn't press record and series link it.

Then Jimmy came along.


I think I might be in love.

Sorry Derek ... you're still my main man, but Jimmy has swagger.  He's now on my "list" (in the spot vacated by Simon Baker*).

So that's what's being series linked at my end of the world right now. 

Anyone else a Jimmy Fallon fan? 

*Simon didn't do anything wrong.  I just outgrew him.  I wonder if he'll miss me? 

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