Monday, April 20, 2015

Day 2021 - Noosa

We've flown the coop! 

Above the clouds in search of some blue sky
As sometimes often always happens at this time of year, husband books us a northern retreat.  Our last ditch attempt to extend the summer before the Canberra winter sets in.

Today we landed in Noosa.

It's raining here in Noosa.  BUT it's warm.  And I have faith that the rain will stop real soon.  It has to ... the sun shines out of our arses remember?

While we wait for the sun to shine I'll just find solace in those little holiday things that mean so much.  Lovely glossy tourist mags, an excuse to eat burgers, a bed too pretty to sleep in, and little bottles of shampoo that seem so great when on holidays but are no where near as exciting when you take them home.

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