Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Day 2022 - Noosa National Park

Exercise in paradise.

View from the boardwalk at Noosa National Park
If you're travelling to Noosa then be sure to check out the walks around Noosa National Park.  It's the perfect way to soak up paradise while getting some exercise in the process.

I find exercise on holidays easy.  In fact, I look forward to exercise when I get away from the every day. Exercise at home is low on the priority list. Exercise when on holidays becomes an adventure rather than a chore. Especially in Noosa ...

Waking up to a blue sky day and taking a walk through the trees on the boardwalk is my idea of exercise heaven.  Look down and you might find a bush turkey. Look up and you'll find exotic looking birds.  Look WAY up and you might just spot a koala.

Whether you're there to stroll, walk, power walk, jog or run, there's room on the boardwalk for everyone.  There's even space for prams and wheelchairs.

Feel the serenity ...

Do you exercise while on holidays?

Where's your favourite holiday spot? 

Ever gobbled at a bush turkey? 


  1. Ah, I remember chasing bush turkeys around on holidays in Byron when I was a kid... fun times!

    My favourite holiday spot is Nelson in NZ. It's where my dad lives and is the most absolutely gorgeous place I've ever been to.

  2. Noosa is a beautiful place to walk. I exercise a lot on holidays by accident. We tend to walk everywhere.
    We had a bush turkey run and flutter across the road in front of us these holidays on the way to our campsite.

  3. I hope the weather stays lovely up there, it's very blustery here. Enjoy the break x

  4. I love Noosa. I'm a bit the same as you. I look forward to exercising on holidays too. No better place to do it than in Noosa. Enjoy :)

  5. I find exercising much easier when away as well. there is just so much more time and space to do such things. Noosa National Park looks lovely, will certainly check it out if I am in the area

    Leaving some belated fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT

  6. I think exercise is easier on holidays too, because I love to get out and walk to explore the area I'm in. I hate not knowing what is around me and need to check it out. Plus it never feels like exercise- it's just fun.
    Hope you're having a lovely time xx


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