Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Day 2029 - Fibromyalgia and weather

Fibromyalgia and me

Noosa one day, Canberra the next.
Oh what a difference a day makes.
One of the interesting "symptoms" of fibroymalgia is the significance that weather has on this beast.  When I was first diagnosed I discovered that days with low pressure systems seemed to be worse than other days.  Rainy days, cloudy days and generally grey days increased the fibro fog and these days it also increases the pain.  Apparently I am not alone with this theory.

I have noticed that since returning from Noosa the pain has increased significantly.

While in Noosa I experienced a bit of discomfort and I felt a bit stiff, but since returning to Canberra (and the "fresh" autumn air) the back, neck and shoulder pain has increased significantly which then refers to my head and I've had a constant headache.  Fascinating.

An interesting fibro fact is that sufferers can be sensitive to temperature.  We can get very very cold and we can get very very hot.  For me that cold feeling can set into my bones very quickly to a point that my body actually goes quite rigid.

Having said that, I find it hard to deal with "artificial heat".  So turning on the heater or lighting a fire doesn't necessarily fix things.  That type of heat almost sends me ga ga.

In summer the heat can "disable" me quite quickly.  My energy can be sapped instantly and it takes all my will to walk.  Interestingly enough I am OK with artificial cooling.  Air conditioners are my best friend.

Quite frankly none of it makes sense.  It's just not logical.  But it is common among fibro patients and is written about in medical journals and online.  The whole weather thing is a definite factor.

You can imagine what it's like when I do extreme weather changes in a short period of time.  Last year at the Licensing Expo in Vegas I left Canberra at -2 degrees and arrived into Las Vegas in 42 degree heat.  That type of weather adjustment would effect anyone.  My body just about went into shock.

At the hot end of the scale it becomes all about the fatigue.

At the cold end of the scale it is all about the pain.

At the rainy end of the scale it's all about the fog (and the pain).

People with rheumatoid arthritis also say that the cold and the rain effects their pain levels.

People with MS can also suffer from temperature sensitivity although theirs is related more to heat than to cold.

It's all very interesting.

So interesting in fact that I thought I would share the interestinglyness with you some more. This information has come from http://www.fibromyalgia-symptoms.org/

The bottom line is that Canberra winters are not good for me! That's the bottom line.

The other bottom line is that the winter blues may well be setting in early this year.

This whole aging positively thing is about to get just a little bit harder.

But what doesn't kill me will only make me stronger ...

(Or something.)


  1. Sorry to hear - though given our crazy weather, there may be a hot spell just round the corner...I'll have my fingers crossed for you.

  2. Oh that's awful. I can't imagine what that would be like. Have you thought of a permanent move from Canberra? My father in law moved from NZ eventually when his back could no longer take the cold :(

  3. The whole aging thing just doesn't stop... I've never met you Leanne but from what I can see... You are aging beautifully

  4. You poor thing. Weather definitely affects all sorts of illnesses. I always know when it's about to rain because I get a sudden, horrible sinus headache in my forehead.It sounds petty compared to what you're going through though x

  5. That doesn't sound fun at all. The cool weather can do strange things to the body. I don't want to age... Not that I have a choice in the matter.

  6. I hope the winter's not too severe for you, but I know that's probably not likely!
    (And for the record, you look like you're aging beautifully!)

  7. I would say move to Bris-Vegas but it gets dreadfully hot here. I wonder where in Australia would have the most temperate climate?


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