Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Day 2030 - Wordless Wednesday

As the leaves change ... 

The tree outside our house is changing it's outfit on a daily basis

I love autumn.  I love the colours and the crispness of the air. I love that in Canberra autumn usually gives us blue sky sunny days with a chance to wear jeans and boots and scarves.  Sure I am challenged by the fact that the cold is setting in, but it's a season with so much colour and so many changes that you can't help but be delighted by its magic.  As the trees shed and get ready to expose their core, it's a good time for us to shed some of our layers too and get back to the bare bones of why we're here. Don't you think?

The fallen leaves

So beautiful in their varying shades

A tree in its ballgown walking the "red" carpet

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  1. Gorgeous photos.

    I wish I lived somewhere that had distinct seasons. We just got from HOT HOT HOT to COLD COLD COLD.

  2. I do love the changes in nature during Autumn.. and usually love the weather in Autumn as well, however it seems like it's jumped straight to Winter here...been so cold!

  3. Leanne, these are superb photos! Now we are living on central coast I am seeing fewer signs of Autumn which is a shame for me and photos. This is a magical time...except when it rains! Like it has now. Denyse

  4. I adore you pics and autumn leaves.

    Thank you for linking up Leanne.

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