Saturday, May 2, 2015

Day 2033 - Cheer Chick Filming

Today is filming day! 

This Cheer Chick Charlie filming is getting seriouser and seriouser! ("Seriouser" is not a word, but it really should be a word. Seriously.)  Now that we're really quite bedded down on the Cheer Channel Network in the USA we need to be doing bigger and better and higher quality things.  I mean, it's still me standing there with my handheld camcorder and all.  But the content and the preparation is being stepped up a few notches.

Like, we've never had scripts before; and now we do.

Finalising the scripts for Cheer Chick filming

Cheer Chick India learning her lines
We've never had "studio lights" before; and now we do (albeit cheap portable borrowed photography lights).

We've never had a set time schedule with stop points and key deliverables before; and now we do.

We've never had so many filming sessions factored into the yearly diary; and now we do.

We've never had any pressure to create something awesome; and now we do.

So today is filming day.   The plan is to power out THREE videos including two "in studio" (aka my lounge room) and one on location.

Better stop talking about it and start setting up.

Happy Saturday!


  1. How exciting!

    Well done, Leanne. Cheer Chick Charlie is a brand now!

    SSG xxx


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