Sunday, May 3, 2015

Day 2034 - That's a wrap!

Loving Life ...

Coach Belinda, Cheer Chick Jordan, Cheer Chick Ciara, Photographer Tahlia,
Cheer Chick Hannah, Cheer Chick Charlie, Cheer Chick India, Director Leanne.
... when I get to hang out with people I adore to do fun things like cook and dance and that's my "work".  It's not work when it brings you so much joy!

Yesterday's Cheer Chick Charlie filming session ran like clockwork.  Such a great day and the best news is I got three new Cheer Chick Charlie videos out of it!


It's always fun to cart Cheer Chick India around

Have you met Charlie Crew member Emily yet? She's a very important part of the Charlie team.

Behind the scenes as Tahlia takes stills.

Behind the scenes as the girls film their work out video

Behind the scenes as the girls film Charlie's Kitchen

Fun, fun, fun! 

There's always something to celebrate when you're living life by lovin' life.  

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