Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Day 2044 - Wordless Wednesday

The last seven days in an Insta-snip

Given it's Wordless Wednesday I thought I'd show you what seven days in the life of Deep Fried Fruit looks like from an Instagram point of view. Colourful!

As for today, I am not feeling the least bit colourful.

In fact I am feeling downright grumpy and sad-sacky.

Damn you not-even-winter-yet blues.

Damn you head cold.

Damn you fibromyalgia.

Damn you worries-of-the-world-on-my-shoulders.

Damn you too-much-to-do-and-only-me-to-do-it.

Damn you, damn you, DAMN YOU!

On the brighter side, my Instagram looks bloody good, doesn't it!


  1. Your insta pics look bright, colourful and happy! So sorry to hear you're not feeling the best. I can relate - it is the same for me here! Fingers crossed it is a different story next WW ;-) x

    1. Hi Min - Fingers crossed we can get over the hump of this hump day and be back to our colourful selves my next week!

  2. Oh, sorry you're having a shitty day. I'm currently trying to crawl out of the hole I've been in for a while. I actually got changed today (even though I'm not leaving the apartment until tonight!) so that's a biggie!

    I'm also approaching some local businesses re writing for them. Am not expecting anything to come of it, but have half a dozen on my To Do list for today. And I know I'll feel better for having done it!

    Hope your day gets better!


    1. Hi Deb. Yeah, it's a bit of a rough place to be. I find getting dressed really helps. I would be completely and utterly useless if I didn't get dressed for my day. I kind of have the mindset that I'm off to work (even though it's about ten steps from my bedroom) so I'd better dress accordingly. Some days like today I have clients so I have to ... but even on the staying at home all day days, I get dressed like I'm "someone". Hope you have a great day! Let's turn our to-dos into ta-dahs together!!!

  3. Your instagram does look goo!. I had no idea you had fibromyalgia, hope your feeling better soon x

    1. Thanks Alicia. Yep. Was diagnosed with fibro around 6 or 7 years ago. Pesky thing ...


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