Friday, May 29, 2015

Day 2060 - What I'm reading

How many books have you got on your bedside table?

I have lots at the moment.  I haven't had to go in search of books at all lately. They've kinda just been appearing.

First of all the teenage daughter got me started on John Green books which commenced with "The Fault in Our Stars" and quickly progressed to "Paper Towns", "An abundance of Katherine's" and I'm now in the middle of "Looking for Alaska" (Mothers Day present).

The rest of the books were gifted to me at the Publisher's the other day.

As I was leaving the office the lovely lady in the corner office with the city view (she must be important) said "take some books".  So I did.

I took "The Soldier's Wife" and "Wildflower Hill" (coz I love my chick lit) but then I spotted "The Mapmaker Chronicles" by fellow blogger Allison Tait, so I quickly snaffled that one too.

I was delighted to see Allison's book there.  Just knowing that she has walked before me in those same offices really empowered me.

Allison's original blog "Life in a Pink Fibro" was one of the first blogs I used to follow (quickly followed by her sister's blog "Maxabella Loves").

I've kind of wandered off and found other bloggy pals since then, but that doesn't mean I don't drive by their joints from time to time.  So I have been watching Allison's journey from a distance without really fully embracing it.

Now that I have her book on my bedside table I feel the need to embrace it.

In fact, now that I have all of these books on my table I have this overwhelming desire to really find out about the authors.  To hear their story and to embrace their journey.

Success leaves clues.

I'm off to tap into those clues ...

How many books do you have on your bedside table at the moment?

Do you ever research the authors of the books you read?

What's on your reading list? 


  1. Ooh, I am in such excellent company there! And I have all the things crossed for you!

  2. I completely loved Fault In Our Stars and can't wait to read the others. Did you know they've made Paper Towns into a movie too? I better get cracking on reading the book!
    I have way too many by my bedside. Some have just sadly sat there for - dare I say - months and months.


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