Thursday, June 4, 2015

Day 2066 - Cancer Council Cosmetics

Did you know that the Cancer Council does high SPF cosmetics?

I did not know that! And now I do.

Given I'm going to the desert summer heat of Las Vegas today, it's a no brainer that I'll be taking a few of these Cancer Council products with me.

I'm most interested in the BB Cream because that can act as a sunscreen and a bit of a daytime foundation.  I always take care of my face as far as sun protection in concerned.  I might be Deep Fried but I don't need to look it!

I have to be honest - I don't always think about my hands and my lips when it comes to day-to-day sun protection.   Sure I smother my entire body when laying on the beach, but I generally forget about the every day exposure from simply living a life that includes stepping outside.  The Cancer Council lip gloss and hand cream are going to work wonders as I walk up and down the Las Vegas strip.

The Cancer Council BB Creme is a three in one product that not only has an SPF 30 sun protection factor against those cancerous UV rays, but also corrects skin tone and moisturises.  It's simple to apply (you can just slap it on with your fingers) and it only costs around $16 for a 50 ml tube. It currently comes in two colours: light and medium.

The Cancer Council hand cream has been created again to give maximum protection against sun damage like sunspots, ageing and pigmentation,  It has a subtle fresh smell and is quite milky and easily absorbed by the skin. You can buy the hand cream for around $12 for a 50ml tube.

I have the Cancer Council lip gloss in plum and I find it to be light and easy to use. It  tastes yummy and gives my lips a very subtle pinkish shine.  The fact that it also has SPF 30 is a bonus.  It contains Aloe Vera which helps to keep lips feeling soft.  You can buy a 15ml tube for just $10 and it comes in clear or plum.

I love it when beauty products are so much more than just beauty products. The Cancer Council range isn't about just looking your best but about living your best as well.   It's the perfect addition to my Deep Fried hand luggage today which is why it's won the spot as my product of the week!

For more information about the Cancer Council head to their website and for information on their beauty range you can click on the cosmetics page.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my tips on packing your hand luggage for long haul travel.

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