Saturday, June 6, 2015

Day 2068 - The wayward suitcase

When your luggage goes on a Magical Mystery Tour.

My suitcase apologising to me - which to bloody well should! 

So I completely and utterly jinxed myself by writing that post about what to pack in your carry-on where I focussed heavily on "in case your suitcase goes missing". The post was pre-written and scheduled and at the time I wrote it I had complete faith my suitcase would arrive at the same time I did.

Nope! My suitcase did a runner.

It turns out my suitcase was quite adventurous.

It landed in LA with us and went through customs without any worries.

The we dropped it off at the baggage drop with its big brother suitcase and it made the decision to go on a magical mystery tour.

We arrived in Vegas and its big brother was there.  My suitcase was not.  Uppity cow.

Delta Airlines (partnered with Virgin for the internal flights) were very good at tracking it down.   It turns out it went to Boston!

Isn't that nice.

Then from Boston it went to Detroit!

My suitcase has now been to places I have yet to visit.

The suitcase was returned to me at our condo 24 hours after our Vegas arrival with more stickers on it than my passport.

Adventurous much?!

So that post about me packing my carry-on and dressing to be prepared for any eventually on arrival - well I've tested it and it works!

I was at least able to freshen up my make-up, change my undies, charge my phone, protect my face from the desert sun and I was able to wander the strip, walk through casinos and enter a restaurant looking somewhat respectable.

However, I didn't heed my own advice regarding the swimsuit. At the last minute I removed my swimmers from my carry-on and put them in my suitcase. BIG MISTAKE! Instead of laying by the pool all morning waiting for my suitcase to return from its adventure I was forced to do menial things like buy groceries (and deodorant - another item that would be useful in your carry-on).

I have to say I am impressed with the Delta baggage tracking system.  We were able to phone and find its location.  Then I was sent emails today to let me know its status.  I could literally track it as it entered Vegas and watch the map as it made it to my door,  The tracking system even showed me what car it was in and what the driver looked like!

I was in the foyer with open arms as it arrived.

Of course I scolded it, before giving it a big hug and saying "don't you ever do that again!"

(First world problems.)

Has your suitcase ever gone on a magical mystery tour? 

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