Monday, June 8, 2015

Day 2070 - Rehab Pool Party at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

A post about being the oldest people there ...

Deep Fried Fruit at a very fresh fruit party
Yesterday the Husb and I took a huge step outside our comfort zone and attended the Rehab Pool Party being hosted by Kevin Dillon at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.  It's the opening weekend of the Entourage movie and as massive Entourage fans we decided it might be nice to mix it up a bit with "Johnny Drama".  Secret:  I adore Kevin Dillon; love him as an actor and Johnny Drama as a character.  
The party was an all day event starting at 11.00am and going to 7.00pm/  

We figured we'd be best to go for a short while rather than try and do a whole day thing. We are Deep Fried after all.

We headed over there at around 3.00pm.

The moment we arrived I could tell we were part of a minority group.  There were definitely no other over 40s partying their arses (or bikini pants) off  at this function. Well accept for the host.  He was probably the oldest there so we were in good company.

It was an interesting process to get inside.  We had to walk through the casino and then out the other side to the multi level car park.

From there we came across a bunch of temporary fencing which was channeling people towards a massive security section.  The first part was to prove we had a ticket.

Then we were off to another section where we waited our turn to hand in those tickets. 

As we stood in line we felt older and older by the second.  People were looking at us like were were in the wrong place.  As we stood down there in the dungeons we started to feel really uncomfortable.  As people mingled around us in various states of undress I felt that we were becoming the focus of ageism stares.  (A "fact" that was quite possibly the creation of my own insecure mind.)

We stood firm yet felt like jelly inside.  What the hell were we thinking?

It turns out there was a problem with our ticket and we ended up having to pay extra.  Annoying, but we plowed ahead. We'd come this far! 

The next line was the security check.  To get into this party you weren't allowed to take a bag any larger than a small handbag/clutch.  That bag was then inspected ... thoroughly ... for drugs and weapons.  After my wallet was given its strip search it was my turn.  I had a complete pat down.  The Husb's pat down included some testicular handling.  Yes.  It happened.  Perhaps they thought we were wearing too many clothes?

We then continued our walk through the car park to a corridor and out the other side to a big set of steel double doors.  We walked through and PARTY TIME! 

The view from above the Rehab pool party
We took a deep breath and headed into the throng.  There were a lot of people who had been there for a long time.

There were security guards everywhere including the anti-gang squad.  Apparently there is such a thing.

Once we were in among it we didn't feel so old anymore.  I mean. we were definitely older, but we blended in fairly well (it wasn't quite the "standing out like dogs balls" experience I had felt in the car park).  

Next stop was to check out the stage to see if we could spot Kevin Dillon.  Yep. He was there alright. Hello Kevin! LOVE YOU!

Sorry Kevin - The only picture I could get of him he was eating chicken!
We then headed to the bar and I got myself an enormous cocktail that I believe was vodka, cranberry and some sort of energy drink.  The husb got a couple of beers. The grand total was $54 USD!!!  Yes. It was an expensive party (tickets to get in ended up costing a total of $90).

Sitting by the pool staying completely covered up.
Once we'got our bearings we found a more secluded spot at the pool where we could hear the music, feel the beat, partake in the spirit and feel good that we were there, while at the same time being able to breathe and not feel completely smothered by the energies of others. In other words we kinda bailed. 

We didn't stay long. About two hours or so . But I have to be honest, it was a great afternoon and I'm glad we did it. It's something I'll always remember. Pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone is all part of this aging positively gig. Not sure we'll ever feel the need to do it again ...But at least we can say we did it.


The Husb getting his Vegas on.


  1. You are a party animal! Despite the cost it looks like a once in a lifetime opportunity, you couldn't say no.

  2. What an adventure you've had. I must confess.. I'm not even sure who Kevin Dillon is?

    1. You don't know Johnny Drama?! Gotta be an Entourage fan to know Kevin I guess. You would however know his more famous brother Matt ...

  3. I just go anyway - I work on the theory I'm actually invisible, so it doesn't matter - tho we did once get an "OMG OLD PEOPLE!" as we walked into a nightclub once...that weirded me out a little...Anyway, if Kevin is your age, you're a perfectly acceptable aged guest. You could have told people you went to school with him...

    1. We were definitely getting those OMG OLD PEOPLE looks as we lined up. Very odd.
      Wish I'd thought of that "went to school with him" line! LOL.


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