Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 2074 - Bethany Mota

Today I give you some social media royalty.

Fashion designer, You Tube sensation and digital influencer, Bethany Mota being interviewed by
Benjamin Grubbs,  Asia Pacific Head of Family Entertainment and Learning, You Tube.
If you're Deep Fried like me, the name Bethany Mota may not ring any bells.  If that's the case then just grab your nearest teenage girl and she'll tell you exactly who Bethany is.

Bethany Mota is one of the biggest You Tube sensations on the planet.  She's also an entrepreneur and a digital influencer (yes, there's such a thing).

This week, I got to "hang" with Bethany as I sat front row and centre at "The Big Interview" at the Licensing Expo. When I messaged my daughter to tell her that Bethany was literally sitting only 10 metres away from me the response I got was OMG!!!!!!!!!!

OMG indeed. This young woman sure inspired me. So I'm hoping she might inspire you too.

Bethany first started You Tubing in 2009 when she was around 13. She's now 19 and is the first You Tuber to crack the top 150 Global Licensors list.  With 8 million followers, she has more following than Lady Gaga and now has her own clothing line with Aeropostale.

She started You Tubing as a way of connecting with people online because she was being bullied in real life. Her "friends" told her she was fat and ugly and she lost all confidence and developed anxieties.  You Tubing gave her an outlet and a voice, and she discovered she could connect with people on a different level.

What makes her stand out is her commitment to her fans.  She spends time acknowledging fan comments every day and at meet-ups she will stay around for as long as it takes to hug every single person that has come to see  her.  With 1200 to 1500 fans at every meet-up, the whole hugging and selfie thing can take up to four hours.  But she does it.  She invests in them as much as they invest in her.

Aeropostale took her on board because of that connectivity. She started as a shy young 13 year old girl whose fans have grown up with her.  If she posted a photo of herself wearing one of their outfits, the line would sell out within hours. So they started "stalking" her to try and understand what it was that people loved about her.  Quite simply she is a living example that young women can become confident and overcome their anxieties.  Kids want to be Bethany.

Bethany's relationship with Aeropostale started with a page of recommendations on their website and then moved to a clothing line which she personally designed and branded.  As she was creating the line she posted videos of every step of the process. From choosing the fonts, to creating the logo, to designing the clothes.  By the time the line was ready to launch her fans were already invested. They had become part of the line and felt as though they too were part of the creative process.  She had their engagement and their love for her was/is authentic and real.

So Aeropostale have learned to listen to Bethany.  Really listen.  They don't tell her what to do with her line, but listen to her when she advises the best steps.  They are impressed with her values of hope and optimism and how she is not only loved by teens but also endorsed by parents.

Bethany Mota will post a video to You Tube and have 2.3 million views within the first seven days.  She'll get 300,000 likes on Instagram within 24 hours.

Obviously the figures are so high that she can't respond to everyone, but she makes an effort to respond to as many as she is able to.  She listens and values their feedback.  She is committed to that engagement and they in turn are committed to her.

Bethany competed on Dancing with the Stars where she had to create an interpretive dance.  She chose to tap into the emotions she felt as a 12 year old girl and her story of bullying captured the hearts of a nation.

It's powerful stuff.

She's powerful.

She still has every single video up that she ever made, Including that very first one.  She said her most popular videos are the ones she creates within 20 minutes. The ones her bedroom just giving a tour are more popular than the professional shoots she does that can take a day.  People love her authenticity.

Authenticity is key.

When asked what's next for her she said quite simply "to continue to create and inspire".

Well Bethany it was great to "meet" you and you've certainly inspired me.  

I hope she might inspire you too ...


  1. I love when you meet someone that you don't 'know' who's famous - you get them on such a different level (and I think they find it amusing)

  2. I only recently realised "YouTubers" were a thing! She sounds great :)

  3. My kids are 8 and 9. Most of their screen time is spent on You Tube. I Must check if my daughter watches Bethany, as she sounds like a good role model (not that I would sell her that way to my daughter!)

  4. I too only just realised 'Your tubers' were a thing. What an inspiring young woman.

    1. she is inspiring. I love that she hugs everyone even if it takes her 4 hours

  5. My 11 year old daughter told me she packed a Bethany Mota-inspired school lunch today - I'm glad to read this post and find out what the heck she was talking about!

  6. I have no idea who this is :/ But I think that her story is courageous and inspiring.

    1. I had not heard of her ... but now I'm going to start following her. Just to keep me motivated.

  7. Oh, sounds like it was an inspiring session! I hadn't heard of Bethany but I'll certainly look her up now! And yes, authenticity is key. Being authentic is easier than we make it for ourselves, I think.

  8. As I read this I asked Ashlea (15) did she know Bethany Mota... Ummmm of course.. Who doesn't was her answer


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