Thursday, June 18, 2015

Day 2080 - JBronze Product Review

Did I tell you how much I'm loving my tan?

JBronze medium gave my Aussie winter bod a Vegas summer glow
You'll recall that when I was in Noosa I gave the new JBronze tanning mousse a trial run. Loved it! So it was without hesitation that I packed it for my trip to Vegas.

The reason I love JBronze is because:

  • It's affordable (around $35)
  • It lasts for ages (both the tan and the bottle)
  • It's easy to apply
  • You can see where you've applied and because it's tinted you see any streaking in advance so that you can fix them quickly
  • The colour looks natural
  • You don't have to sit around in your birthday suit for two hours and then wash it off. You just apply and go! 
  • You can apply sunscreen over the top within half an hour of applying your tan.
While in Vegas I got to hang with my Pennsylvanian bestie.  She came across to spend a few days with us and soak up the Vegas atmosphere.  

She was feeling a bit pasty from having just emerged from her long Pennsylvanian winter so I handed her the JBronze.

At first she was tentative.  She only applied the smallest amount for fear of looking fake.  No chance of that Cath.  Go for it! 

So she did and she loved it.  So much so that I sent her home with what was left in the bottle.

In my original JBronze post I thought the bottle would last 3-4 applications.  I am pleased to announce that it has lasted much more than that! With my Noosa trip (two applications) and my Vegas trip (two applications plus Cathy's application), the bottle has already lasted 5 applications! I think Cathy will get at least another three out of it when she gets home.


If you're heading off on holidays or perhaps you just want a summer glow to ward off the winter blues, then do yourself a favour and get some JBronze. I HIGHLY recommend it! 

Seriously.  It's a love story ...

Thanks Jen.  Can I have shares in your company?

PS: I note the Chemist Warehouse has the JBronze mousse on sale for around $28. Bonus! 

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