Friday, June 19, 2015

Day 2081 - Reimagine Fashion Event

The Fashion Show edition

So Mum and I are in town with Tahlia for a bunch of modelling gigs.  The first was a fashion show held last night at the Whitehouse Institute of Design in Surry Hills in association with the Red Cross.

The event was put on by the Whitehouse Institute's third year styling and creative direction students to showcase their work and to raise money for the Red Cross.

The aim was to encapsulate the colours and fashions of the world while raising awareness for the work and humanitarian aid provided by the Australian Red Cross.

The clothes worn at the event were all pre-loved pieces sourced from Red Cross retail outlets and then "reimagined" into new fashion forward outfits.

Around fifteen models took to the catwalk each appearing at least twice (Tahlia appeared three times) with a few hundred people in the audience.

The audience was made up of Whitehouse officials, fashion industry representatives (across many sectors), sponsors, parents, friends and agencies.

The event included  a silent auction to sell original art pieces, a Red Cross reimagined clothing shop, stalls selling creative pieces, cocktails and many other opportunities to spend money for a great cause.

Tahlia arrived at midday to join her model friends for a full afternoon of rehearsals, hair and makeup.  It was a great opportunity for her to mix with other models in the agency who are of a similar age and similar stage of development.  Given we're based in Canberra it would be easy for her to feel "left out".  But that's definitely not the case particularly when events like these bring them together.

As for Mum and I, it was a lot of fun to get a dress on even if we did have to dash from our hotel and walk a few blocks in the rain to get there.  My hair went flat and frizzy of course.  Plus my shoes were killing me by the end of the night and I ended up walking back to the hotel barefoot through the puddles with shoes in hand. Charming.

Drinking Cointreau cocktails (passionfruit and chilli) 
Waiting in anticipation for the catwalk to begin
Tahlia was AMAZING!  She just knows how to walk a catwalk that girl.  Of course she was nervous but not as nervous as some of the models out there who had never done a catwalk before.  It was such a great development opportunity for everyone involved.

Tahlia Jane

Tahlia Jane
With over forty sponsors involved in the event the VIP goody bags were packed with loads of prizes and fun stuff.  We weren't VIPs so we didn't get to get all the fashion show perks (which included seating), but I did manage to score myself a handy brick pillar to lean against right next to the front row.  Bonus!

The White House Institute students did an amazing job. From the fashion designers, to the artists, to the set coordinators, to the lovely catwalk coordinators and everyone in between.  They were a delight to meet and to watch them in action.

The Five Twenty Models also did a fantastic job with each of them proving exactly why they're agency signed.

Did you know that every year the Red Cross Shops rescue 450 tonnes of clothing from landfill?  Rescuing clothes gives opportunities to 4400 volunteers and generates funds to help Red Cross support vulnerable people in Australia and around the world.

All in all it was a great night for a good cause and most importantly, Tahlia had a ball!

Do you shop at the Red Cross?

Have you ever reimagined an outfit, modifying it to make it "your own"? 

Come for a quick walk down the catwalk. Tahlia enters at 32 second and again at 4.20 (I stopped videoing before her final run)


  1. There are gems to be found at the op shops.. just have to dig deep!

    Well done to Tahlia too. She looks very good in her outfit :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Yes, I've never been an Op Shop girl, but Tahlia is teaching me where to find the gems!

  2. What a great experience. I've lost my op shop mojo since moving to Perth and as far as upcycling an outfit, I've been threatened with divorce if the sewing machine ever makes an appearance in our house. I'm that bad.

  3. What a great cause and fabulous event. You must be so proud and how lovely that you and your mum got to share that with her. She looks gorgeous.


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