Sunday, June 21, 2015

Day 2083 - Sunday

This is what Sunday looks like.

After a very long day in Newcastle yesterday I arrived back in Canberra this morning just before lunch.  I was hoping for an afternoon of drinking tea and reading my book, but instead I spent the afternoon with Miss Teen learning all about physics in readiness for her Year 10 exams tomorrow. We still drank tea.  The reading wasn't quite as relaxing as I'd hoped it would be though.

Physics! I couldn't grasp it then and I still can't grasp it now.  She's struggling with it and she's feeling quite defeated, but I can tell you now that she's doing better than I ever did!

The alarm is set for 5.00am for more study. A brand new day can bring with it a fresh brain and a new perspective.  Fingers crossed.

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