Saturday, July 4, 2015

Day 2096 - Aussie Gold International Cheer and Dance Championships

I love Aussie Gold.

So we've just started day two of the Aussie Gold International Cheer and Dance Championships.  I love this comp!

First of all I adore the woman who runs this competition. Nerine is kind, supportive, committed and dedicated to the sport of cheerleading. Plus she's one of Cheer Chick Charlie's biggest cheerleaders.  And she's just plain nice.

Second of all the competition is just so lovely.  It's professional without losing it's easy going and friendly feel which is actually not so easy to achieve. I love that the comp is growing every year and it's not losing that sense of being a "nurturing community".

Thirdly it's on the Gold Coast with blue skies and sunshine in winter.  Definitely a bonus.

This is the third year I've brought Cheer Chick Charlie to the event. There are so many delightful young cheerleaders who are embracing my little cheerleader.  It's heartwarming.

Funnily enough I've never been to this comp as a coach, cheer mum or competitor.  For no other reason that it just wasn't on our comp schedule. It's a shame, because as I pull back from all of those other roles to concentrate on Charlie, I never will.

Oh well, I'll just have to continue embracing Aussie Gold through my fictional Cheer Chick.

For more information about Aussie Gold you can find them at or on and you'll also find them on Instagram @aussiegold_

Look at all those gorgeous Charlie fans! I love what I do ...


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