Sunday, July 5, 2015

Day 2097 - Author Signing


Looking kinda exhausted - where's my own personal hair and make up crew when I need them?
Oh, that's right ... I don't have my own personal hair and make up crew.
I love signing books. When children want their books signed, I just swell with pride and appreciation. 

It takes me a long time to sign a book ... and even longer when they buy all six. 

My signature is kinda long.  But I also like to write a special message to each child in each and every book I sign.  Something to encourage them.  You never know when that message might make a difference to their day. 

A mum told me that recently. She said that her daughter was having a difficult day so they opened up their Charlie book to read a nice encouraging story and they found my message.  She said it sent goose bumps through her.  It was just the message her daughter needed to hear on that day.

That makes me happy. I'm not happy her daughter was sad of course; but I'm happy that my words could help her a little bit.

I often wondered if perhaps I was writing too much or that it was a waste of time.  I declared on that day that I will always write a message in each and every book I sign. 

I look at Bethany Mota (see my blog post about her here) and think if she can stand in line for hours and hours to hug every single one of her fans, I can take a few extra minutes when I sign my books.

We sold around 150 books in a day and a half over Friday and Saturday.  I only brought 110 books with me to the Gold Coast ... the rest are on back order waiting for me to sign, package up and send when I get home. 

That's not counting the pre-orders for Book 7 when it comes out in 3 weeks. 

How cool is that?!

We've got another full day at the Cheer Chick Charlie stand again today with nothing to sell but air.  I've already sold some air today. 

It's kinda cool ...

Very, very cool.

Here's a more flattering photo ... taken back when I still had enough books to sign.


  1. How wonderful, I treasure the books I have managed to have signed. So kind that you take the time to do so. x

    1. I just love that people actually want my signature! lol. That's a good feeling ...

  2. So exciting Leanne and I'm glad you sold so many books. What a great event to attend! (My niece has started cheerleading this year. She's danced since she was 2 but wanted to learn more about tumbling etc. She's also doing some other stuff involving swinging from ribbons. She's nearly 19 and her dream job is with one of the Disneys so she's expanding her repertoire. I checked on the weekend to see if she was coming to the Gold Coast to the comp as I would have told her to come and say hello, but she wasn't there!)

    And.. well done, again!

  3. What an achievement for you. It's more than cool!


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