Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Day 2099 - Commitment versus Addiction

There is no doubt about it, I am committed.

Commitment is one of my strongest traits. If I asked a crowd of people to sum me up in a word, "committed" is probably the word that would come up the most.

I've always been proud to have "commitment" as one of my strong points.  But at what point does commitment border on addiction?

The other night I was having a discussion in a small group over a few drinks.  We were talking about addiction and I proudly announced that I don't have an addictive personality.  I was saying how I don't actually understand addiction. I was talking about smoking and gambling and chocolate etc.  If you know it's bad for you just stop. My mind has always been stronger than any "craving" I might have.  Or so I thought ...

This is where one of the group said "you're addicted to business". 

I am?

I wanted to scream "I am not addicted!".  What "business" was she talking about?

Was she talking about my books? My brand? My life coaching business? My blog?

Maybe that's the point. Maybe I am juggling so many things that from the outside it seems I'm addicted to the need to be busy.

Instead, all I said was "I like to keep busy but I don't think that's an addiction."

 The discussion then went off course and as they talked about something completely different I tuned out as I muddled this over in my mind.

I am committed to my business venture for sure, I have to be.  I mean, we've invested so much time and money into it that I have no choice. But addicted? 

I sat there stewing on it. Commitment is necessary if you want to be successful at something.  Commitment is a strength.  Addiction is a weakness. 

Or are they interchangeable?

There are a lot of words that could be used instead of "committed".  Words like loyal, dedicated, focussed, devoted, faithful.  On the downside "commitment" can also mean burden, responsibility, liability, constraint.

Commitment can be seen as a strength, but can also be seen as a weakness.  Is that where it borders on addiction?

Tell me:

Is there a point where commitment becomes an addiction? 

And if so, at what point does it actually cross the line?

I'd love to hear your thoughts ...


  1. I don't think commitment and addiction are interchangeable, however, you can be committed to the wrong cause, so it appears like a weakness. (ie people who put their work above family etc) This is a fabulous post - how interesting!!

  2. Interesting Leanne, I see your point. I think the difference lies in the extent of commitment vs addiction. If commitment is bordering on addiction to the point where other parts of your life are being neglected, then it's a bad thing. But if not, then it's simply a desire to achieve.

  3. Maybe if you become so passionately committed to something that it affects other areas in you life in a negative way and you can't stop it becomes an addiction.

  4. Hmm interesting. I've always seen commitment as a positive and addiction as a negative, although addiction is often used these days in a lighthearted way with not so many negative connotations.

  5. I don't think the two are interchangeable- commitment is far more often a positive thing, addiction is negative. But- I don't believe it is a weakness. It's a condition. There is research to suggest it has a genetic cause. people drink alcohol all the time- but only some become addicted, for example. Some can try a drug, like heroin or cocaine, and not become addicted where others will. It's not as simple as just stopping- it's a compulsion and very hard to articulate the "why" when it comes to continued use. Thought provoking post Leanne!

  6. If it's impacting you negatively then it's an addiction, if it is something positive then I would be calling it commitment or possibly even obsession and there is nothing wrong with that approach, especially in business.. it leads to success.

  7. I agree with previous comments, addiction and commitment are two very different things to me, Leanne. Commitment being more positive to me than addiction.

    I've been inspired and excited by all that you have created with Cheer Chick Charlie.

    SSG xxx

  8. Interesting food for thought there! The connotations around the two words are very different to me. Commitment has a positive connotation and seems to be something you choose to do whilst addiction has a more negative connotation and to me means something that you can no longer stop doing and is no longer a choice for you but a compulsion.

  9. As someone who had a cigarette addiction for many years, I would take commitment over addiction any day! I wish I had more commitment sometimes - I can be a bit flakey about things. #notcool

  10. It's a fine line - I think Raychael from Mystery Case has hit the nail on the head with her comment above :-)


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