Monday, July 13, 2015

Day 2105 - Sitting Up

Notice how when people age they find it harder and harder to get out of a chair?

How gorgeous is this Olivia Chaise lounge from Harvey Norman?
It's got nothing to do with my post, but figured I'd include it due to the sheer loveliness.
As we age our muscles get weaker and often one of the first things we notice is the ability (or lack there of) to get out of a chair.  Especially that very comfy very squishy armchair.

To prevent becoming chair hostages, we can start strengthening our hip and thigh muscles now. According to Marianne Ryan, spokesperson for the American Physical Therapy Association (Redbook Magazine July 2015), ten modified chair squats each day is enough to get our bodies ready for chair battle later in life.

She suggests we stand with our backs facing the chair with feet shoulder width apart.  Squat hinging from the hips until our bums tap the seat then return to standing.

Yet another way to help us age positively. 

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