Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 2110 - The Hot Tub

It's in! 

It's been months in the making (years if you count how long we've thought about getting one).

You'll recall we had to first give the cubby house away to be loved by a new family.

Then we had to get the concreting done to create a hot tub sanctuary.

Then my dear old dad built my retaining wall and privacy screen (while I pretended to be a lady tradie).

That was all completed a few months ago.

The rest of the time was spent contemplating our navals as we wondered how on earth to get the tub from the garage at the front of the house, to its new location at the back of the house.

After much pondering the Husb finally "googled it" and found a professional hot tub mover. Go figure!

The Googled guy and a bunch of burly blokes (aka suit-wearing men from Derek's work who were offered a free hot lunch) put the tub in place during the week.


This is the end result.  Isn't it awesome!

There is nothing better than jumping in the tub, with a plastic glass of champagne, under the stars on nights where the temps are in single digits,  Invigorating! Truly ... (photo to come)

A great way to embrace winter.

PS The tub was a hand-me-down from Mum and Dad when they left the farm and moved into town. Thanks for the pressie!

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