Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 2112 - Health Benefits of a Hot Tub

Could a hot tub be more than just a luxury item?

OK, OK, so you all know that we've got a hot tub.  I've blogged about it three days in a row. You're probably sick of hearing about it.

But Deep Fried Fruit just wouldn't be complete unless I gave you the anti-aging affects of a hot tub, now would it?

According to a few different health websites (and a bunch of hot tub stockists) a Jacuzzi is not just a luxury item, it's also great for your health.

Here's why:

For a start it can help reduce stress.  Whether on your own simply enjoying the solitude, or with family and friends enjoying a drink and a chat, the soothing jets can help relax you mentally and physically.

Secondly the jets and subsequent hydro-massage  can help with muscle and joint pain, with some tubs having enough pressure to give the equivalent of a deep tissue massage.

Hot tubs can assist with the recovery time from injury as the heat and bubbles sooth muscle spasms.

A hot tub set a little higher than body temperature can dilate the blood vessels which improves blood circulation (particularly in the extremities) which can assist with arthritis pain.

This improved circulation can also help to lower blood pressure (sometimes within 20 minutes of entering the tub).

Apparently the improved blood circulation can also help with lung and heart health.

While soaking in a hot tub the blood recirculates at a warmer temperature than normal which delivers therapeutic benefits to areas of the body that might need it.

Jacuzzi's are often used to help treat osteoporosis as the combination of buoyancy and light aquatic exercise can increase mobility and strength.

Even for those without arthritis and osteoporosis, the buoyancy helps to reduce pressure on joints. The water supports around 90% of our weight which means our joints and limbs can a well deserved break.

This is also particularly good for people who suffer from back pain.

According to the Associated Professional Sleep Societies Journal (USA) Soaking in a hot tub 90 minutes before bedtime can help transition into a deeper and better quality sleep.

Soaking in a hot tub can also simulate exercise. It increases the heart rate without increasing blood pressure so for some people it's  better for your heart than a quick ride around the lake.

Studies have even been done with people who have type 2 diabetes.  It was found that soaking in a hot tub 30 minutes a day, six days a week, resulted in weight loss, reduced insulin and decreases in plasma glucose (according to the New England Journal of Medicine in 1999).  Note: other doctors suggest that hot tubs are not the best thing for diabetes sufferers. For more information see

So there you have it! The Deep Fried benefits of the hot tub.

I knew there was another Jacuzzi themed blog post in there somewhere ....

Warning: The above information is general information found online. Before using a hot tub it's important to take note of safety instructions and cautions as hot tubs can pose risks for some individuals. If you have a significant health issue, then speak to a doctor about whether or not a hot tub is the right tool for you. It's also essential that close attention is paid to water quality. 

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  1. For me baths (incl. spa baths) are therapeutic... but more in a mentally nourishing way. My day is not complete without a long bath. It's where I read and it's probably where I feel most comforted (other than when over-eating).

    1. I agree re comfort of a spa. I also have an indoor spa bath and it's my escape. My reading space. My time. My comfort. Yep. I hear ya!


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