Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 2114 - Corin Forest

We found snow!

Last week you'll recall my pre-dawn brain chatter had me contemplating taking the kids to find some snow.

For ages they've been asking to take a trip to the ski fields but the whole "needing to find an extended weekend. accommodation, snow clothes and chains for the car" thing had me resisting that plea.

 Then it occurred to me that with the current 'big chill' happening up and down the East Coast it shouldn't actually be too hard for me to find some snow around the ACT.

So last Wednesday I packed up the car with loads of coats, gloves, socks, scarves and hoodies and the kids and I went for a school holiday excursion to find some white stuff.

I'd heard that Corin Forest was a great place to find some, so with absolutely no idea what to expect we headed in that direction.

First of all we were actually lucky the roads were open.  There have been moments in the last few weeks where the roads leading to Corin Forest have only been open to 4WD and cars with snow chains.  Hell, there have been moments in the last few weeks where the roads to Sydney have been closed.

Secondly we were also lucky that we had money on us because the snow we found was not the random "just driving along and found this on the side of the road" variety which I had been hoping for.  On this particular day we had to visit an allocated snow spot and pay for the privilege.

It's so weird that it snowed absolutely everywhere around us but Canberra just seemed to miss out. If it's going to be this bloody cold here in Canberra-ville we could at least get some fun icy white stuff to play in.

Anyway, we found Corin Forest and we found snow and we had a ball.

It took us less than an hour to drive from home on the far north side of Canberra to Corin Forest which is on the far south side.

It cost us $15 per person to enter the snow zone for 2.5 hours and another $5 each for toboggan hire.  We only lasted a little over an hour because jeans, hoodies and sneakers really don't make for good snow gear.  There's that whole falling over and getting wet thing to consider.

But it was fun. We had a ball.  A great way to embrace winter.

It just proves that sometimes you don't have to look as far as you think to find the things you want to experience in life.

PS  I googled "arctic freeze" when writing this post and there were some interesting results. You don't even wanna know what the Urban Dictionary definition is.  The mind BOGGLES! 


  1. We got lost going to Corin Forest once, and when we did get there, the slide was shut!! Argh! Love the pics and glad you made the most of the snow!

    1. Damn! Can you believe I've never done the slide! AND I LIVE HERE! This was my first ever trip to Corin Forest.

  2. What a lot of fun. We really miss the trips to the snow now that we are living in Perth. It's just so far away.

  3. How awesome! We considered chasing the sun, but the call of the heater was too strong! Looks like great fun!

  4. Great pics and I love the one of you on the toboggan!

  5. Certainly looks like you had a blast! We're in country Victoria and we've had snow all around us as well. I can't say I am a huge fan of freezing my butt of but by golly the kids think its just fantastic!

  6. Ha ha love Urban Dictionary. What great photos Leanne, my kids have seen snow in Queenstown NZ, close to where their grandparents live, probably most cost effective for us to fly there than to go south x

    1. I love Queenstown! Only been there once. Was there on business but I did get to do an agricultural excursion while there (deer farms) and I got to go on one of those jet boats at Shotover River (is that what it's called?)

  7. AACK! I hope you leave the snow there - we had far too much of it last winter!
    Neat photos though.
    Please come link up at

  8. oh that looks like so much fun, still can't believe you had to pay $15.00 to play with the snow, but its better then the fees for the lifts at the snow fields!
    Love your pics ;)

    1. That's what I figured Lisa. Cheaper than getting up to Thredbo ...


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