Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day 2115 - Aches and Pains Creams - Product Review #Weleda

Got aches and pains?

There are aches and pains going right through my family right now.

Between Darby's "Severs Disease" (feet), Derek's back problems, my fibromyalgia and the bar in Tahlia's chest hurting, we've all been feeling a little bit "fragile" over the last few months.

But never fear! We've got creams for that.

Firstly we've got the good old trusty Dencorub which has been a standard in our house forever.  Especially for the husband with his sporting aches.  We often use that on his back when he's twinged it or if he's pinched a nerve.   We'll also use it on my neck and shoulders when I'm feeling particularly vulnerable in that area.

Then we've got the Nurofen Gel which only entered the house around ten years ago.  It's another go-to for bad backs, excessive fibro pain and Darby's Severs Disease.

(Wondering what Severs disease is?  The name sounds worse that what it actually is,  It's a growing type issue that affects kids around 11-14.  You can read about it here.)

Then more recently Mum introduced us to Fisiocrem which is a bunch of natural ingredients used for injuries and sports aches.

Darby was the one that pushed us to buy this one when Derek's back went out on him recently because in Darby's words it's a "magic cream that Nanny and Pop use for their arthritis".

One of the main ingredients is Arnica which is a herb known worldwide for its use in natural medicine. Apparently this lovely Anrica stuff can be diluted and taken orally for shock, trauma and body injury.

Derek (with his back problems) was very impressed with what this stuff could do.


Then in the middle of all of this pain management, the lovely PR people contacted me to chat some more about Weleda.

I'm becoming more and more impressed with the range that Weleda has to offer, especially now that they too have an Arnica range.

They sent me two products to try:

I have tried out the Anrica Massage Oil and the Arnica Cream and I can say that it's a very handy product to have in the cupboard.

While the Decorub, Nurofen Gel and Fisiocrem are typically used in our house to treat injury/excessive type pain, the Weleda Arnica products can be used more regularly with chronic pain and also to "prevent" pain.

The Weleda Arnica Massage Oil is really good for tired and aching muscles and seems to have had a positive effect on my fibromyalgia pain spots.   I imagine it would be very effective with arthritis type pain too.

I've been back to having regular massages again for pain management, and the Weleda Arnica Massage Oil is great for the days after my massage to keep the "warming" effect alive.

It has a lovely herbal smell so I can wear it of a daytime without smelling like a men's locker room.  (I hate going off to meetings covered in Dencorub.)

It comes in a green glass bottle that gives it that "old world" and very "this is totally natural and medicinal" vibe.

Now that I've tested it out I am going to share it with Tahlia to use around the pain areas where the bar sits inside her ribs.

The Weleda Arnica Cream is a great cream to have in the cupboard and is good for the whole family.  It's that "magic cream" you can bring out when the kids hurt themselves.

It's touted as a first aid cream to help with muscle aches, sprains and bruises.  It's full of lovely herby things that help with the healing process.

I think the thing about Weleda is that you feel safe in the knowledge that it's natural and family friendly.  That they have been around for around 100 years and that they are global.  They are well recognised for their sustainable ingredients, high standards, own gardens, pure ingredients and fair trade.  They're very PC and they really do have something for everyone.

Weleda Arnica products can be found at health food shops and selected beauty stores around Australia (and internationally).  To find your nearest stockist in Australia click here.

Have you got aches and pains?

There's a cream for that ...


  1. My days in pharmacy introduced me to arnica cream. At the moment my Mr is calling every ailment possible. It is a side effect from turning 40 in a couple of months. He isn't dealing well with it.

  2. Turning 40 will do that to ya! LOL. Give him some Arnica ...

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