Friday, July 24, 2015

Day 2116 - Embrace winter with layering and boots

Welcome to the Deep Fried Style File.

One way to fight the winter blues is to embrace the winter fashion.

For me at the moment, it's all about showing off the layers and the boots.

It's one thing to wear layers, but I'm talking about actually showing off how many layers you're wearing.  Let pieces of them peek through.

 Except your long johns (nobody wants to see that).  You think I'm kidding? It's cold here people! 

So right now I'm into wearing jeans with long sleeve tees, teamed with a button up cardigan, scarf and a jacket.

The other thing I'm into right now is showing off my boots.  I've grabbed myself a couple of pairs of ankle boots from FSW and they have decoration around the ankle that screams to be seen.  So I'm folding up my jeans a little to show them off.

Some of my tips:

  • Keep the cardigan simple
  • Add colour with the under t-shirt
  • Buy scarves with a mix of colours to match both your tee and your jacket
  • Choose layers you can wear on their own so that you can peel off as you enter warmer zones.
  • Buy your boots half a size too big to fit your winter socks
  • You don't have to spend a lot of money

The lowdown on my outfit:

  • Jeans $10 Target (last year)
  • Boots $50 FSW (current)
  • Tee $7 Kmart (current)
  • Cardigan $20 (old)
  • Jacket $35 Wilson's Leather outlet in Vegas (current)
  • Pashmina $15 at a nameless pop-up stall at my local shops (current)
  • Handbag $50 (old)

So bare your layers and roll up those jeans! 

All of your clothes need to be seen.


If you're interested in getting into some hashtag action it's a very cool way to get you excited about getting dressed of a morning.

If you're gonna wear it, you might as well share it!


Just take a picture of yourself in your clothes and post to Instagram using tags such as #everydaystyle #stylefile #whatIwore #streetstyle #ootd

Don't be afraid! You won't feel dowdy or inferior among the fashionisters.  There are plenty of real women wearing real clothes.

Check out the hashtags to get some wardrobe inspo. 

The best news is there is a brand new hashtag that is embracing the standard everyday mummy wardrobe.  It's Flat Bum Mum who has a new hashtag #realmumstyle.  Isn't that awesome! I'm definitely stalking that one.

Are you into layers?

Ever worn long johns?

What about showing off your boots?

Wanna go all hashtaggy?

Got any other styling hashtags to share?

So many questions .... 


  1. I love layers! I'm totally a layer girl and a brown boot girl. My brown knee high boots are my fashion accessory of the moment for winter! You look great!

  2. I am unintetionally stylish! Woohoo! I had no idea layers were in- I'm just cold! :D

    1. LOL, Yup. Still not sure if I'm being "stylish" ... but it's my style ... I guess I can add an "ish" on the end.

  3. Good for you!! Looks great - I have to ask, why do style bloggers do the looking down photos?

    1. LOL. We're just trying to look like we're minding our own business and not having our photo taken. I use the word "we" loosely. I ain't really a style blogger. Actually, I think that look makes me look older and squidgy ... jowls.

  4. I love layering as compared to dressing up like a marshmallow ball where you don't see anything other than the outside layer haha. Gonna stalk #realmumstyle too!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. You are such a stunner Leanne! I have the worst sense of dress. Layering is a great tip for winter!

    1. Not so sure about the stunner Anita. LOL. But I'm trying!

  6. Layers are the only way I am survivng the cold, I don't own enough warm clothes to do otherwise. Cute boots.

  7. My favourite season is summer but my favourite fashion is winter.. Layers are perfect

    1. We are twins there Natalie! I love summer too, but winter fashion is the best ...

  8. I LOVE your Target jeans!!!! Great find!

    SSG xxx

  9. Thanks for showing off your layers. I was never much of a layer or accessory person but this is my first winter at home and not at work so layers are more necessary for me now. Must check out the boot action at FSW - I need some new boots too!

  10. It's all about the layers, isn't it? How awesome are Target jeans? I've worn mine since the boys were 6 months old. Love them!

    1. Just goes to show you can dress well without having to spend a bomb!


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