Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day 2122 - Hug your children

Next time you hug, really HUG ....

There are so many people in the world with kids who are sick. Really, really sick.  The kind of sick that means life is hanging in the balance.

So next time you hug your kids, really, really hug them ... like their life depends on it.

A hug is a sign of safety, hope and a deep never ending love. For some people, that's all they've got to cling to.



  1. I was just thinking this and doing this.

    It's not just illness but also the horrendous crimes against children that have really hit a nerve for me now that I'm a mum myself. For those children, there may never be the hugs they need.

    Sorry to be so down in this comment,

    SSG xxx

  2. Hello SSG! So lovely to see you :)
    Yes, the crimes against kids is another reason to give our babies the warmth and comfort of a real parental "non threatening" hug. It's a horrid world out there for some.
    Hugs are a great way to count our blessings.

  3. I hug my kids all the time, especially when they're annoying me to no end. I find that's the best time to diffuse my frustrations with parenting and remember to be grateful.

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