Friday, July 31, 2015

Day 2123 - Perspective

Sometimes I get tired, really really tired ...

And then I put things into perspective.

I'm not tired because I'm terminally ill, nor am I tired because I'm working four jobs to keep my family alive, nor am I tired because I have no nutritious food, nor am I tired because I have newborn triplets with reflux.

I'm not tired because I'm pregnant with one child while my toddler is fighting a life threatening disease.

I'm tired because of choices I'm making about how to go through my day. I'm tired because I choose to do too much.  I'm tired because it's winter and I live in a cold place.  I'm tired because I wake up before dawn.   I'm tired because I'm tired!

Plain and simple.

So this post it to remind me to not complain about being tired when so many others are tired for reasons beyond their control.

Are you tired of being tired?

Is your lethargy within your control?

Then do something about it.

Press the pause button.

Have a day to yourself.


Take a nap.

Boost your vitamin intake.

Eat well.

Assess your fitness levels.

Take deep breaths.

Simplify your life.

Take control.


Look at the exhausting battles that others are fighting and gather your perspective. It's a great wake up call ... 

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