Sunday, August 2, 2015

Day 2125 - Banana Pancakes

Today just feels like a pancake kinda day.

You know the kind.  It's raining, it's cold and it's Sunday.

A friend of mine put me onto this banana pancake recipe and I've been using it regularly since.  I like the fact that it combines a whole lot of fruit, with very little flour and no sugar.  Although I do choose to put honey on top to get my fix of honey good stuff.


Mash one banana

Mix in one egg

Add half a cup of wholemeal flour

Add half a cup of milk.


Grab a really good quality non-stick fry pan (the success of the pancake is in the quality of the fry pan).  Put it on high heat and then bring it back to moderate-high heat before cooking.

Scoop half a cup of pancake batter onto the fry pan.

Wait until bubbles appear on top and then flip.

Once cooked through remove and add your toppings on top!

This recipe makes 3 medium pancakes which is great for two people.  To increase quantity just add another half cup of milk and another half cup of flour.  

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