Friday, August 7, 2015

Day 2130 - Liebster Award

Want to know more about me?

Last week I was excited to get a tweet from Natalie at Our Parallel Connection to advise I'd been given the Liebster Award.

What the hell is a Liebster Award?  It's basically recognition of bloggers by bloggers.  Which is very cool.

You don't just get the award and walk away. To honour the award you need to answer a few questions about yourself and then pay it forward and give the award to some other deserving folk.  It's the award that keeps on awarding (rewarding?).

Now, in all honesty, I've been given the award before over the many years I've been blogging, but I've never really done anything with it before.  In other words, I haven't answered the questions nor have I paid it forward.

Not because I'm not grateful (totes am) but because I already had my blog posts planned for the following weeks and then I just forgot about it.

Rude, I know.

So today I am going to take the Liebster by the horns and with gratitude and a good energy I'm going to tell you more about myself.

Then with much fanfare, dressed in my ball gown (aka dressing gown and slippers) I am going to pass the award onto some other fine bloggers.

1. What make you happy?

Waking up makes me happy.  Getting to jump out of bed in my own home with my own family around me and then create my day.

Blue skies and sunshine makes me happy.

Going for walks under blue skies and sunshine makes me happy.

Going for walks under blue skies and sunshine in exotic locations makes me VERY happy.

Life makes me happy.

I choose to be happy.

2. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging the day I turned 40 because I wanted to embrace the new decade and the idea of middle age.

Plus I needed to force myself to write as a way of "practising" and getting confident in that area before pursuing my dream of  becoming an author.

I started off kind of laughing about middle age  and complaining about aging a bit.  Then I turned the corner and decided to create a space where I could help myself and others age positively.

I've been blogging every day since.  It's great practise and helped me fulfill my author dreams.

3. What is the best thing anyone has ever said about your blog?

To be honest, just having someone say ANYTHING about my blog is kinda cool.  Because it means they're reading it.

When I started writing I kind of hid behind the "Deep Fried Fruit" name and didn't show a photo of myself. I kept my blogging life and my success consultancy life very separate.

Now I have more confidence within the blog and I share it with family, friends, clients, strangers and anyone who is willing to read it!

So people talking about it at all is a good thing.

Having said that, I've never had a negative comment on my blog. No doubt someone will target me one day, but until then I can safely say all the comments are the best comments.

4. What are your top 3 bucket list items?

This is a tough one.

I had a bucket list but I've kind of ticked off so many items already.

I guess the ones that are still waiting for their moment of glory are:

  • Cruising around the Mediterranean (with a definite layover in Greece with those white buildings and blue blue water)
  • Seeing my children's book character as a TV show
  • Living until I'm in my 90s! 
5. What is one thing you cannot live without?

Well, over and above the important things like my family, my friends and my internet, I would have to say blue sky and sunshine.  

Canberra might be cold right now but we still get our fair share of blue sky days.  I couldn't live in a world that went dark at certain times of the year or was overcast a high percentage of time. 

6.  What is your favourite Australian travel destination?

I would really like to see more of Australia.  I want to see the lot!

But my favourite spot that I have experienced already is Noosa.  I would like to retire to Noosa.

 7.  What two countries make you happiest to visit?

Well, whenever we go overseas we usually end up in the USA because that's where my bestie lives. So USA is the top international travel destination for sure.  

And I know it's still the same country, but I'm going to say it anyway ... my second favourite spot to visit overseas is Hawaii. I love the energy and the vibe and the blue blue BLUE skies!

When I achieve my bucket list dream I may change my mind on number two. 

8. What's your favourite and least favourite word?

My favourite word to hear is Mum, my favourite words to say are "anything is possible".

My least favourite word is the swear word that starts with a "C".  I also don't like that other "C" word ... "can't".

9.  If you found out that due to a mix up at the hospital one of your kids wasn't yours, would you give it back?

Oh hell no!!  My children are the ones that I raised, who I fall in love with every single day, and who complete me.  Anything else is just biology.

Of course I'd like to meet my biological child if that had happened, but the kids under my roof right now are my kids.

So that's some info about me.

Now it's time for me to share the love with some other bloggers.

Today I am very pleased to share the Liebster Award with three bloggers on my radar.  

So many of my favourites have already won the award so I thought I'd share with some people who have yet to receive it.  (Or maybe they have and I missed it?)

The Liebster Award goes to:

Who is this Liebster person anyway?  


  1. Thanks lovely Leanne for sharing in the award

  2. Thank you for passing the award to me! What a lovely surprise! I can't wait till my girls are a little older and I can take them to Hawaii and USA. And I would love to see your book series become a TV show too! How cool would that be?! Xx


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