Saturday, August 8, 2015

Day 2131 - The Week That Was

It was all about damage control this week.

Perhaps "damage control" is too strong a phrase.  But I did spent much of my week trying to turn a disappointment into an "onwards and upwards" opportunity.

You see, I am in the throws of project managing the ACT Regional Cheerleading competition which is being held in Canberra next weekend.

This is the event that is put on by all ACT Regional cheerleading squads to raise money for skilling our cheerleaders and to donate to Ronald McDonald House Canberra.

Every squad in the region plays their bit. It's awesome to collaborate in this way.

The event is in its fourth year and has grown by another 100 athletes this year.

We have got over 500 cheerleaders competing across 11 ACT Regional squads (includes Goulburn and Wagga).

It's gotten to the point where we've outgrown our venue (but it's too late to change) and we've outgrown our one day time table (again too late to change).

The whole "out grown" thing hasn't been the most pressing challenge though.

The bigger challenge has been that two weeks after our event is the Australian All Star Cheerleading Federations ACT State Championships.

It's the biggest event on the ACT cheerleading calendar and one that most squads spend a great deal of time getting ready for.

Unfortunately due to a bunch of circumstances, the State Championship has been cancelled at short notice.

This of course if very disappointing for so many squads here in Canberra.  Our little big school team in particular use this event as their "grand final" for more than half of our team.

For other squads it's more than disappointing, it's actually quite devastating because in order to qualify for the Australian National Championships, they have to qualify for many of their items at a State level event.

So as the chosen spokesperson for ACT Regional Cheerleading, I've spent the last week trying to coordinate between the affected ACT squads and the Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation to have those qualifying items be judged at our regional event instead.

Sounds like a great plan?

Of course it is.

Our ACT Regional teams and the Federation have all been really great and helpful through the process.

And I'm honoured to be the person driving this.

But it means a whole lot more than just saying "let's do this".

It means bringing in another set of judges, clearing it with the federation, using different score sheets, adding to an already overloaded program, negotiating with the venue, wheeling and dealing with the affected squads to ensure they can get their teams ready in time (they have two less weeks to prepare now) and getting the financial side sorted to accommodate the changes.

And it all needs to be done and set in place for next weekend.

So yeah, that's how I spent much of my week.

It's funny how a week can just disappear in the blink of an eye doing damage control on a problem that didn't exist the previous week.

It's amazing how, although I was still going about my business with clients and Charlie stuff, my brain was overtaken by damage control.

I can hardly tell you what clients I had or Charlie goals I kicked. I know I had them (clients).  I know I kicked a few (goals). But I remember no details other than the need to get ACT Regional cheerleading sorted.

I tell you what though, behind every challenge is definitely an opportunity for growth.

I can safely say I've grown through this process and so has ACT Regional Cheerleading.

Wish us luck as we finalise our Regional Comp preparations over the week ahead!

I'm going to do my best now to shut down my email, shut off my social media and shut down the blog so I can have weekend.

Happy Saturday!

Thanks for sharing in my week that was ...


  1. This must be such a complex and daunting process, Leanne. But like all the things you do, you''ll pull it off with aplomb. Well done to you for saving the day for all those teams who might have otherwise missed out. x

    1. Thanks Bron. While I was the "negotiator" we're actually really lucky in that all the teams have worked together to get the best result here. There were other options (video entry and going to Sydney for NSW States instead) but they also came with complications. It's just a bugger that the state event was cancelled! Oh well ...


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