Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Day 2135 - My week in an Insta-Snip

According to Instagram, this what the last seven days have looked like

It's all been about making (*mostly) healthy food choices, contemplating my naval, indulging in a girls afternoon of *salted caramel delight at Koko Black, staring at the sky, supporting my kids and trying to will summer to come early by wearing white pants.

Or so my Instagram says.

The reality is I've been neck deep in project managing the "bigger than Ben Hur" cheerleading competition being held this weekend.

But the Instagram version feels so much more zen.


  1. Instagram sure makes your week look fantastic! Loving the healthy food choices, the sunset, the inspirational quotes and you are rocking those white pants!! :-)

  2. Min said it all really! I'm totally with you on the thankful, grateful and gratitude this week!

  3. Beautiful I love the the thankful, grateful and gratitude brigade too.


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